“Roswell, New Mexico” left off with a major cliffhanger when Max sacrificed himself to bring Rosa back from the dead. Season 2 will pick up where the CW drama left off with a tortured, teenage Rosa and a grieving Liz. Actress Jeanine Mason told International Business Times that her character Liz will be going through a lot balancing a resurrected sister and attempting to bring her boyfriend back from the dead.

“[Rosa’s] presence is huge for Liz. There's so much complication in navigating, and how are we going to reintroduce her? Is she okay? She's still 19,” Mason told IBT and a small group of reporters at New York Comic Con in October. “My older sister is now 10 years younger than me, but just her being there is what is helping her stay on task and stay halfway okay enough to do the impossible, which is bring [Max] alive.”

In Monday’s “Roswell, New Mexico” Season 2 premiere, Liz and Rosa (Amber Midthunder) will be figuring out how to move forward. Liz decides to take a job in California and is planning to bring her sister with her to start a new life. However, as fans may have guessed based on the show’s title, it won’t be long until Liz finds a reason to stay in her hometown.

Executive producers Carina MacKenzie and Chris Hollier teased that the older/younger sister dynamic will definitely be an issue. Liz was seemingly always the responsible one, but now she has more life experience than her big sister too.

Roswell NM Season 2 Jeanine Mason as Liz in "Roswell, New Mexico" Season 2, episode 1. Photo: Ursula Coyote/The CW

“[Liz’s] sister was resurrected after 10 years. She is now the older sister to her older sister,” MacKenzie told IBT at NYCC. “There's a little bit of a power struggle there, in that Rosa still feels like ‘You're my little sister. I need to protect you.’ Liz is like, ‘I'm 28 and you're 19.’”

It’s not just the age that’s a factor, though. “Rosa is still an addict. Rosa is still dealing with some complicated family issues,” MacKenzie added.

While Rosa isn’t the killer much of Roswell thinks she is, the teenager still made a lot of mistakes. Hollier noted that she might not treat this as a precious gift. “I think in our metaphor of second chances, she's perfect for that. Just because you get one doesn't mean that you do it right,” he said.

“She gets a second chance, but she's still who she is, and it's a question of not only does she have a second chance, but somebody traded his life for hers, and she's got a big burden,” MacKenzie hinted.

It sounds like there will be plenty of drama for the Ortecho sisters in “Roswell, New Mexico” on screen, but they’re having fun behind the camera. “I also just love Amber Midthunder, and I will gladly play sisters with her until we are old and wrinkly because she's fabulous,” Mason said enthusiastically.

“And as this season has progressed, our mannerisms are starting to match now, which is so fun and entirely creepy for the cast and crew. They're like, ‘You guys are laughing with your heads in the same direction now.’”

“Roswell, New Mexico” Season 2 premieres Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.