Prince William and Prince George
Pictured: Prince William and Prince George at a children's party for Military families during the Royal Tour of Canada on Sept. 29, 2016 in Victoria, Canada. Getty Images/Chris Jackson

Prince George will one day become king. When this happens, it is believed that he could already be married to the woman of his dreams.

But on the online forum site Quora, some royal fans discussed what would happen to the monarchy if Prince George turned out to be gay. In this case, the third in line to the throne may consider marrying a man instead of a woman.

If this happens, royal fans became curious as to whether or not Prince George’s husband would be named king consort when he sits on the throne.

Rhys Hoffman, an author and social advocate, said that there are currently no rules regarding gay marriages in the British royal family.

“If Prince George married a man, it could, in theory, cause a constitutional crisis. This is because the monarch of the United Kingdom is also supreme governor of the Church of England… The Church of England does not accept the marriage of same-sex couples,” he said.

Dave Cridland, an English expatriate living in Wales, created an entire scenario after Prince George, who will then be King George VII, ascends to the throne.

“He proudly stands on the balcony after his coronation and waves to the crowd, beside his husband… The press makes jokes about ‘Steve’ [Prince George’s husband] being a Queen but what do we really call him? The Crown hasn’t used the title or style of King Consort since Mary, Queen of Scotland’s husband Henry Stuart had it, he said.

John Allister, a vicar in the Church of England, said everything would depend on how Prince George and his husband wrangled their titles. According to Allister, the traditional position would be for the two of them to be called Prince in the same way that the Duke of Edinburgh is called as such since he’s married to Queen Elizabeth II.

He also said that even though the Church of England doesn’t recognize gay marriages at the moment, things could be different by the time Prince George decides to wed.