Royal fans have slammed Camilla Parker Bowles as “desperate.” She is pictured leaving Commonwealth Day Service in London with Prince Charles on March 11, 2019. Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

Her husband is next in line for the throne and the title as the head of the royal family, but royal fans are starting to lash out at Camilla Parker Bowles and stating that she is “desperate” to be Queen.

The Duchess of Cornwall, who married Prince Charles in 2005, is being slammed by some royal watchers following the family’s attendance at Commonwealth Day services earlier this week. While plenty of attention was placed on both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, some pointed out something they felt was peculiar about Camilla Parker Bowles’ fashion choice for the event.

As they attended services together, Parker Bowles was seen wearing an outfit that was a deep royal blue color, but in the light, it seemed as though it was purple. This was a faux pas to watchful fans, who noted that the look mirrored the one Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, opted for. Known for her bright wardrobe at all times, the Queen did choose purple for her outfit.

According to Express UK, one fan blasted the Duchess of Twitter stating “Of all the colours she had to copy the queen and go with purple. Must be dying to be the Queen!” Another was quoted as calling the move “disrespectful.”

This isn’t the first time that Parker Bowles has seemingly mirrored her mother-in-law when it comes to how she’s dressed for a public event, and some controversy over the two wearing similar shades also occurred during a Remembrance Day event just last year.

However, there are technically no rules stating that Parker Bowles cannot wear the same color as the Queen at an event, let alone a similar shade. While the Queen herself is known for wearing bright colors so she stands out in a crowd, there isn’t any rule stating the other women in the royal family cannot.

Of course, even if wearing a similar color as the Queen was the Duchess of Cornwall’s way of signaling that she wants to be the Queen, she will never actually hold that title in any official capacity. As the spouse of the future king, she will simply be a consort, much like her father-in-law, Prince Philip. He never has held the title of “King” despite being married to the Queen.