meghan markle gift guide
Meghan Markle, pictured at Tupou College on Oct. 26, 2018 in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, is a fan of cooking and beauty products. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

If you’re shopping for Christmas gifts and find yourself wondering, “WWMMB” — “What Would Meghan Markle Buy” — then this gift guide is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

The Duchess of Sussex is known for being a former actress, a cooking enthusiast, a feminist, a beauty junkie, an activist and a fashion icon. The mom-to-be does a lot because these are all things she really enjoys doing. All you have to do is look to Markle’s lifestyle to see that there are a bunch of Christmas gift ideas radiating from it.

If you want to only purchase Markle-approved presents this holiday season — because your loved ones deserve a gift fit for a royal - let this guide steer you in the right direction.

Here are seven Markle-approved Christmas gift ideas:

“Women Changing The World” Set by Juniper Books

Long before she married Prince Harry and gained the extra recognition that came with being his wife, Markle’s been using her fame to campaign for women’s rights. Now that she’s part of the British royal family, she’s using her platform to speak out on the topic, and others, even more. This beautiful book set is the perfect reminder to women everywhere of what they have accomplished and what they can, which is something Markle’s always trying to promote.

juniper books women
Pick up this Juniper Books set for all the women in your life. Juniper Books

Skone Cosmetics

As a royal, Markle often chooses a make-up look that’s both refined and understated, and with Skone Cosmetics’ products, like its Brow Wand and Luxe Waterproof Mascara, that look can easily be achieved by anyone.

OZNaturals Vitamin C Facial Serum

Make-up is one thing, but Markle knows its important to have a nice, healthy base to start with. The royal keeps her skin looking youthful and fresh with serums, and this one from OZNaturals is a perfect way for anyone to attain that look.

Vitamin C Facial Serum
Gift this OZNaturals serum and you’re giving the gift of luminous skin. OZNaturals

Ghost Scream Hot Sauce

It’s no secret that the pregnant royal has always been a huge fan of hot sauce, which is why picking up a bottle of this is a great way to honor that. Not only does this brand have a unique hot sauce to enjoy, but it also has a spicy jam, paste and curry sauce as options.

Lumene Glow Reveal Moisturizer

The “Suits” alum also has a strict moisturizing routine to keep her skin soft and nourished, which is why this antioxidant-rich product would be a great gift for anyone looking to do the same. Which, come on, is everyone.

lumene moisturizer
Help your loved ones get healthy skin with this Lumene product. Lumene

A Cajun Life

Whether you have cooking skills to rival the Duchess of Sussex’s or you’re still a beginner in the kitchen, A Cajun Life’s rubs, mixes and seasonings will help ensure that your dishes come out flavorful and tasty.


Back in 2014, Markle worked with the company to curate her own box, and now you can curate your own with Birchbox at Walgreens, which will be available in six stores this year and five more in 2019. You can also gift someone a monthly Birchbox subscription of specially-curated beauty products via the company’s website.