If the behind-the-scenes drama concerning the real royal family is anywhere near as scandalous and juicy as what's going on with the esteemed family on E!'s "The Royals," then Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding will only be the start of the excitement.

The first official trailer for Season 4 of "The Royals" has officially dropped, and while the show itself was recently surrounded by controversy, even that seems to pale in comparison to what seems to unfold during the next batch of episodes.

Here's the four most explosive moments featured in the trailer:

Liam Really Has Joined The Dark Side

Following Robert's (Max Brown) coronation, Liam (William Moseley) is poised to really go in for a showdown. He was seen going to Cyrus (Jake Maskall) for help at the end of Season 3, and it appears the two really are teaming up together in the new season. Not only does Cyrus welcome his nephew to the "dark side" in the trailer, but the two also appear to attend some event together dressed in flashy clothing.

Helena's Role Is Questioned

While she seems to stand by her decision to support Robert's claim to the throne, Helena may begin to back down as her actual role in the family seems to be questioned. Though she still seems to be enjoying perks as the "queen," evebn though her son is now king and not her husband, that may change when Robert seems ready to take a wife. Not only does Cyrus warn her that she'll be tossed aside if Robert marries, but she is also seen tackling another woman in the trailer.

Liam Makes A Shocking Accusation

While Ted Pryce (Oliver Milburn) was killed in Season 2 after it was revealed he was the one who stabbed King Robert, which led to his death, it appears Liam may now believe that a bigger conspiracy is at play. He confronts both Helena and Robert with a gun in the preview, screaming at them that they "killed the king," before Eleanor (Alexandra Park) smashes him in the back of the head with a vase.

Someone Makes An Attempt On Robert's Life

While Liam and Cyrus seem like they're partnering up to take Robert down, someone else may have decided the new king is their enemy as well. As he makes a formal appearance in the trailer, a gunshot rings out—though it's not entirely clear if the bullet strikes him or Jasper (Tom Austen).

"The Royals" returns March 11 at 19 p.m. EST on E!