"The Royals"
Elizabeth Hurley (center), William Moseley and Alexandra Park in a promo for E!'s "The Royals." E!/NBC

The royal family is about to invade our television screens. On Sunday, E! will premiere its highly anticipated scripted series “The Royals.” The show stars Elizabeth Hurley as Britain’s fictional Queen Helena and William Moseley (“The Chronicles of Narnia"), Vincent Regan (“300”) and Alexandra Park (“Home and Away“) as fellow members of her tabloid-famous royal family.

Ahead of the series premiere, here are five things to know about the program:

1. Fictional characters. Despite Hurley portraying a British queen, the 49-year-old actress says the series’ characters are not based on any members of the real British monarchy. “I think after two minutes of watching it, you’ll know its not based on them at all,” she recently shared on the “Today” show. “We are a fictitious royal family. So, even though we are the king and queen of England, we have nothing to do with the real ones, as it happens."

2. Princess Diana influence. While Hurley asserts that the show’s characters are completely fictitious, she admitted that the late Princess Diana inspired her regal role. Being that Queen Elizabeth is in her 80s, Hurley said she made Prince Charles’s first wife her muse.

“For me, I had to think, well, maybe, what would it have been like if maybe Princess Diana had become queen of England, which she could have. She is much more my generation. How would she dress? How would she be? So I sort of started there, but then, of course, we’re fiction, and it’s nothing to do with her life," she said.

3. Wardrobe. Fashion will play a big part in “The Royals.” While lead costume designer Rachel Walsh told the New York Post that the looks for the series are “limitless,” she did admit that the real royal family’s outfits did have an influence on her final picks. “We looked at a lot of what the royal family wears currently. But, overall, it’s a real mishmash of different ideas,” she said.

Ultimately, Walsh said she wanted the characters to be “relatable.”

“[In the past], the royals really were people with whom you felt you could never break the [social] barrier, and I think now they’re presenting a very human face,” Walsh explained. “That’s what we do in the show. We sort of open doors to the backstage so people can see what possibly really goes on.”

4. Kate Middleton might want to tune in. "The Royals" might turn out to be the Duchess of Cambridge's new favorite TV show. “I would imagine they would love it!” Hurley said when asked by NBC’s Matt Lauer if the royal family would approve of the program’s salacious themes. “They probably want to be like us.”

5. Famous creator. The mastermind behind “The Royals” is no newcomer. Mark Schwahn is best known for writing and executive producing “One Tree Hill.”

“The Royals” premieres Sunday, March 15, at 10 p.m. EDT on E! Check out the official trailer below: