• Crytek is hiring a technical director, fueling speculations it's developing a new "Crysis" game
  • "Crysis" recently posted two cryptic tweets, hinting that a remake or remaster might be in the works
  • The last "Crysis" game was released way back in 2013

Crytek has sparked more rumors that they are working on a new “Crysis” project with their latest job posting.

The video game developer recently listed a job post for a technical director. As described on their website, the said role will primarily “drive the development of an unannounced AAA title” in their Frankfurt, Germany studio.

While any mention of “Crysis” in the job ad is nowhere to be found, fans of the game couldn’t help but speculate that it is related to the possible remake or remaster of the 2007 hit first-person shooter game.

On Monday (April 13), the “Crysis” Twitter account went active again and sent out a cryptic tweet that said “RECEIVING DATA. The following day (April 14), the account followed it up with a more informative teaser, writing “Hey Nomad, you're still with us?”

As reported earlier, the said tweets sent fans into a frenzy, especially since it has been over four years when the account last made a post. The tweets also started talks about what Crytek could be planning with “Crysis.”

Talks of a remake or remaster have been prevalent, but the possibility of a new “Crysis” game with a plot connection to the first installment has also been discussed. To recall, the second tweet name-dropping “Nomad” was a reference to the protagonist of the first game.

The last installment of the game, “Crysis 3,” was released way back in 2013, so it’s no surprise why there is a huge clamor for the next iteration of the popular shooter. “Crysis” games were always instant hits, with the first one even being hailed as the “Best Shooter” in GameSpot’s Best of 2007 awards.

In their review, GameSpot also praised “Crysis” for its stunning graphics and addictive gameplay, even though there were some criticisms it was just average.

A new “Crysis” game is yet to be confirmed, but with the way Crytek is teasing things, there’s enough reason to believe that something is in the works behind the scenes. Fans have to wait for more updates, though it is likely the team behind the game will be dropping more tweets and teasers moving forward.

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