Nadella cloud
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella addresses attendees at the Build 2015 conference in San Francisco. Paul McDougall/International Business Times

Microsoft's press conference is just over 24 hours away, and the company is expected to announce a Surface Pro 4. But a new rumor surfaced at the last minute that Google will also unveil plans to bring some of its apps to Windows 10. An Arabic site called W4PHub, which surfaced on Reddit, and cited a source claiming that a Google spokesperson will announce the company's plans onstage Tuesday.

The site claimed that the apps would focus mainly on getting Windows 10 mobile connected with Google's services. Apps like YouTube, Hangout and Google Voice are missing, a major omission from the Windows 10 Mobile library. However, the universal app system would mean these apps could run on Windows 10 on the desktop, but the release is aimed primarily at providing support for the mobile.

Microsoft and Google don't have the best history together. A long-standing patent war was settled just last Wednesday, with both companies finally resting on all 18 outstanding patent infringement cases. In a joint statement, however, both companies said: "Google and Microsoft have agreed to collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers." This suggested the two companies were willing to collaborate if it meant their customers would be happy.

There's also precedent. Google has brought its apps over to the iOS platform in the past, most notably launching Google Maps for frustrated customers during the debacle of the iOS 6 Maps launch. Apple has also announced plans to bring its Apple Music service over to Google's Android platform.

Google and Apple appear to view getting their services to as many people as possible as a higher priority than restricting functionality to their own platforms. Google supporting Microsoft alongside Apple would be excellent news for the struggling Windows Phone platform, which needs all the app support it can get to remain competitive.