Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh told listeners on his radio program Monday that he has advanced lung cancer.

"I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, diagnosis confirmed by two medical institutions back on Jan. 20,” he said. He said that he will try to continue his radio show as he receives treatment.

“This day has been one of the most difficult days in recent memory, for me, because I’ve known this moment was coming. I’m sure that you all know by now that I really don’t like talking about myself and I don’t like making things about me," Limbaugh said at the end of the broadcast.

Limbaugh, 69, began hosting “The Rush Limbaugh Show” 31 years ago. He signed a “long-term” contract earlier this month, which was announced by President Donald Trump at a rally.

"We have great people. Rush just signed another four-year contract," Trump said, referring to Limbaugh. "He just wants four more years, OK?"

Limbaugh has generally supported Trump, and has promoted theories that federal officials in the intelligence and national security community have conspired against the President, which conservative commentators call the “deep state.”

Limbaugh has had health issues in the past, admitting an addiction to prescription drug medication in 2003. In 2006, Limbaugh was arrested on drug charges, with prosecutors dropping the charges if he pursued treatment.

In 2001, Limbaugh said that he was going deaf and received cochlear implant surgery.