Anthony and Joe Russo are all set to work on a new superhero-themed TV series about the long-running rivalry between comic giants, Marvel and DC Comics.

According to Variety, the dynamic duo will serve as the executive producers for the docuseries named “Slugfest,” which will highlight the ongoing rivalry between Marvel and DC. Both brands are the world’s two biggest comic book publishers.

The publication also noted that the docuseries will highlight the rise and growth of comics as an art form. It will also have a lot of interviews from the creators of both the brands, who created some of the greatest superhero characters of all time.

The series, which is inspired by Reed Tucker’s book “Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle Between Marvel and DC,” will also capture the epic 1976 crossover between DC’s “Superman” and Marvel’s “Spider-Man.”

Slugfest will be directed by Don Argott and Sheena M. Joyce, directors of the award-winning documentary series “Believerand “Framing John DeLorean.”

The Russo Brothers went on to achieve a major milestone at the box office by directing the highest-grossing film of all time. The sequel to “Infinity War” accumulated $2.798 billion at the global box office and beat “Titanic” to become the top-grossing movie.

Meanwhile, David Glasser’s 101 Studios has taken the U.S. distribution rights for “Mosul,” a film produced by the Russo Brothers. The movie is based on the real-life story of a police unit from Mosul (Iraq) that fought to liberate people from thousands of ISIS militants.

Meanwhile, in August, The Russo brothers took to Reddit to interact with the fans in an Ask Me Anything discussion. When one of the fans asked which superhero they would like to bring to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Anthony Russo said that he and his brother have always loved Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman played the comic book character for a long time in the “X-Men” franchise. The 2017 movie “Logan” ended that chapter of the character, making it the last time for Jackman to play the role.

Since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, the door is now open for another actor to take on the yellow spandex. Fans have already been talking about who could play the role next and what the future of the “X-Men” franchise should be like. However, there haven’t been any official announcements or casting reports for the fan-favorite character.

Russo Brothers
"Captain America: Civil War" directors Joe and Anthony Russo, pictured here at the UK Film Premiere of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" in London on March 20, 2014, recently revealed that the upcoming film may have three post-credits scenes. Getty Images