• "RWBY: Ice Queendom" Episode 1 is debuting Sunday
  • The episode will stream on Crunchyroll
  • The anime is based on Monty Oum’s original story

Four novice girls come together to form a unit called Team RWBY and this is the story of their friendship as they tackle deadly monsters -- Grimm.

"RWBY: Ice Queendom" is set in a mysterious world called Remnant where fairy tales and science coexist. However, Remnant is dealing with Grimm, ready to take over the world.

This is when Huntsmen and Huntresses come forward to save humanity from these demons.

The warriors, who fight Grimm, are trained in teams at schools like Beacon Academy. Ruby Rose, Yang Xiao Long, Blake Belladonna and Weiss Schnee who meet at the academy, join forces to become Team RWBY.

Together, they vow to eliminate Grimm and restore peace, but they are faced with a deadly threat.

“In the world of Remnant, a place where science and fairy tales coexist, human civilization is plagued by deadly monsters known as the Grimm. For a time, victory by the Grimm seemed all but certain, if not for the heroism of those sworn to protect humanity -- Huntsmen and Huntresses,” read the official series synopsis of "RWBY: Ice Queendom" anime, as per Emotional Label Channel.

“These warriors are trained and assembled into teams at schools like Beacon Academy, where Ruby meets Weiss and Blake -- forming Team RWBY along with Ruby’s sister, Yang. While team RWBY studies to become the greatest Huntresses the world of Remnant has ever known, they are faced with a horrifying threat...,” it continued.

The cast of the anime includes Ami Koshimizu as Yang Xiao Long, Saori Hayami as Ruby Rose, Yoko Hikasa as Weiss Schnee, Yu Shimamura as Blake Belladonna, Masumi Asano as Glynda Goodwitch, Megumi Han as Penny Polendina, Megumi Toyoguchi as Pyrrha Nikos, Shinichiro Miki as Roman Torchwick, Soichi Abe as Peter Port, Souma Saitou as Lie Ren, Tomoaki Maeno as Sun Wukong, Aya Suzaki as Nora Valkyrie, Hiro Shimono as Jaune Arc, Hiroki Nanami as Shion Zaiden, Kazuhiko Inoue as Professor Ozpin, and Kenyuu Horiuchi as Taiyang Xiao Long.

The ending theme song of the anime is titled "Awake" and is performed by Saori Hayami. The series is based on the original story by Monty Oum.

"RWBY: Ice Queendom" Episode 1 is scheduled to air Sunday. Fans in the U.S. can watch the episode online on Crunchyroll. The installment will stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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