Ryan Gosling Easter Egg
Did you find one of these Ryan Gosling Easter eggs in New York City on Sunday? Twitter

Ryan Gosling laid some eggs in New York City, just in time for Easter Sunday, and an egg hunt like no other.

It's a new week, Gosling enthusiasts, which means a new story about the Canadian actor, also known as one of the biggest internet memes to enter our lives in recent years. (See the Hey Girl Tumblr for reference).

While Gosling himself had nothing to do with the stunt, the Easter egg hunt has been getting plenty of attention from fans and publications like The Hollywood Reporter and The Huffington Post.

The Gosling themed Easter was all started by advertising copywriter Jenna Livingston, the face behind @GoslingEaster.

I did this project to follow up with another project I did earlier in the year that went viral . . . I had a blast doing that, and interacting with people, so I figured why not try something else and see if it can go viral, too, Livingston told Mashable, who first revealed @GoslingEaster's identity.

The account, which began promoting the egg hunt on Good Friday (to major outlets like ABC and reality stars like Bethenny Frankel), announced late Saturday night that when I wake up tomorrow 200 eggs will be hidden all over the city. There are notes inside each one. From me. G'luck!

With all the eggs hidden below 14th street in Manhattan, the hunt began swiftly Sunday morning, with clues tweeted throughout the day.

Give me all your eggs, read one clue, along with a photo of an ATM machine.

Stop and look for Easter eggs, read another, along with a photo of a Con-Edison traffic cone.

So what exactly was in each Gosling Easter egg?

Photos posted by @GoslingEaster reveal that each egg contained a photo of the actor, along with an Easter-themed message.

Hop on over to my house already. Happy Easter from Ryan Gosling, one reads, while another proclaims, I'm dipping myself in chocolate for you.

With more than 600 followers on Twitter, @GoslingEaster has made quite the splash with its inaugural Easter egg hunt.

Even actor Josh Gad (Book of Mormon) poked fun at the unusual event.

Apparently Ryan Gosling has hidden 200 Easter eggs in NY. In other news, 2 million women have offered to fertilize them, he wrote on Twitter.

From his rumored break-up with Eva Mendes to new photos from the set of his new boxing movie in Thailand, Gosling has been a frequent trending topic on Twitter and beyond.

Last week, the 31-year-old made headlines after allegedly saving a woman from an oncoming car in New York City.

I literally, LITERALLY just got saved from a car by Ryan Gosling. Literally. That actually just happened, Laurie Penny wrote on Twitter, moments after the incident.

Penny, a journalist from the UK, became an overnight trend herself, with thousands of people writing about her encounter with the famous hero. The following day, she penned a piece for Gawker, telling everyone to calm down about Gosling and to remember about the war in the Middle East.

Yes, I was a little bit swoony after it happened -- but in fairness, I'll swoon over a cheese sandwich if it gives me a saucy look . . . Americans are very strange. They can and do hyperventilate about the most everyday happenings as if they are the most important thing in the world, and then they act completely normal when public conversations are had about war on Iran and war on women's bodies and when Rick Santorum is considered a serious presidential candidate, Penny wrote on Gawker.

For more photos from the Ryan Gosling Easter hunt, visit @GoslingEaster on Twitter.

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