Sacred Fire
The studio behind the “Sacred Fire” Kickstarter project has revealed the campaign’s stretch goals. Kickstarter/Poetic

Manhattan-headquartered independent game studio Poetic just revealed the stretch goals of its Kickstarter project for its turn-based psychological RPG “Sacred Fire.” With only nine days left before the crowdfunding project ends, Poetic is teasing new goals to lure more players to its Caledonia-inspired tactical game.

The initial funding goal of “Sacred Fire” is $50,000. Once this is reached, the first stretch goal is unlocked. For $55,000, backers will be getting extended character customization, which will include colors, outfits, hairstyles, faces, scars, paint patterns, jewelry and beards for the male characters. Poetic says these will give players more options to express themselves in a game that’s designed with a unique visual style.

The next stretch goal, which requires $60,000 to be unlocked, gives inner voices to the player’s character. When a player chooses his or her protagonist, this feature will be helpful in the sense that it will help them understand the character’s motives, emotions and inner conflicts. The inner monologue that will be added to the game will detail the protagonist’s thoughts and motives. It’s important to note at this point that “Sacred Fire” features Doug Cockle, the voice actor behind Geralt of Rivia in “The Witcher” series. Fans of Cockle’s work will surely enjoy hearing his voice in the game.

Finally, the third stretch goal that Poetic announced is for the partial voice-over for the 10 main characters in the game. This can be unlocked when backers pledge $65,000 or more. Poetic admits that it cannot promise full voice-over to the range of characters its game has, but it is willing to add partial voice-over to the 10 main story characters comprising eight potential allies and two powerful villains.

Poetic also teased that the additional stretch goals that will be detailed when the initial funding goal is reached will mostly be localization. The indie studio wants its players to enjoy “Sacred Fire” in their native language. To do this, the company is going to factor in the number of backers from different countries.

“Sacred Fire” is a role-playing game that presents success and solutions to conflicts based on the psychology of its characters and not merely on the weapons, attacks and damage types they have. For this reason, the game has multiple endings that reflect the effects of the player’s decisions. It is a single-player game that is coming to Windows, Mac and Linux via Steam, Humble and DRM-free GOG. The game is slated for release in April 2018.

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