“Salem” Season 3 returns on Jan. 4, 2017 with the final four episodes. WGN America

WGN America TV series “Salem” may have been canceled, but Season 3 has been full of shocks, surprising twists and revelations. Last week, we discovered that Cotton Mather’s (Seth Gabel) child isn’t being carried by his wife, Anne Hale (Tamzin Merchant). It is actually his former lover Gloriana who is pregnant with the priest’s child.

What happened in episode 6? Here are the highlights:

The Devil’s Plans Revealed

“Wednesday’s Child” finally revealed the devil’s (Oliver Bell) plan for Salem. He plans to burn the town to a crisp on Sunday, which is also Black Sunday. They have only five days to enjoy the town as it is now. Only those who stay in Mary Sibley’s (Janet Montgomery) house will be saved from the destruction. Sunday will also be the day Lucifer weds his mother Mary. He even gives her a white dress to wear for the occasion. The clock is ticking.

Cotton is obviously worried about his child and instructs Anne to pack her belongings and head to the Sibley house. Unbeknownst to him, Anne has hidden a heavily pregnant Gloriana in a secret room in the house – the same room where she and her parents once hid.

John Alden Returns To Salem

While Anne quickly wins Gloriana’s trust, who is happy to get a warm bed and someone to care for her, John Alden (Shane West) returns to Salem and tells Magistrate Hathorne (Jeremy Crutchley) that the French and the Indians are going to destroy Salem. He rounds up a group of men to make a perimeter around the town. No one should pass through the perimeter.

Tituba Manipulates Alden Again

The devious Tituba (Ashley Madekwe), who we learned is actually colluding with the devil secretly last episode, meets Alden and is ready to assign him another task. Clever Alden says he doesn’t trust Tituba and must see Mary before he does anything.

Later, Tituba arranges a meeting between Mary and Alden, who are extremely happy to be reunited after being separated for weeks in “Salem” Season 3. Together, they come up with a plan to force Baron Sebastian Marburg (Joe Doyle) to reveal how the devil plans to destroy Salem. John wants to beat him up but Mary has a better plan: She can seduce him. She may not have her powers, but she still has her feminine charm and good looks. John obviously opposes the idea, but eventually gives in.

Meanwhile, Tituba, who was assigned the task of killing The Sentinel (Samuel Roukin) by the devil, persuades Alden to kill him. She tells the Captain that The Sentinel is determined to kill Mary since he sees her as the devil’s weakness. She concocts a potion and instructs Alden to immerse a dagger in it before plunging it through The Sentinel. Tituba really has a way with getting people to do what she wants and make them believe it’s what they want.

Anne Casts A Powerful Spell

Elsewhere, in the secret room, Anne concocts a powerful spell. It becomes clearer and clearer as Season 3, episode 6 of “Salem” progresses, that Anne wants Gloriana’s child in her womb. However, a horrific creature follows the witch and even comes in Gloriana’s dream. Who is this creature?

In the end, Anne massages the potion on Gloriana’s abdomen and transfers the child to her womb. Gloriana is distraught when she learns what Anne has done, but she can’t do anything except cry.

Sebastian Marburg Is A Devious Lover

Sebastian seems like a love-sick puppy, but he is much more than that. When Mary tries to seduce him, he tells her to come to his room at night. He will tell her his plan to save him and Mary from the devil’s clutches, but only if she will sleep with him at night.

Mary dutifully shows up in Sebastian’s room ready to have sex with him. However, Sebastian knows she yearns for Alden. It isn’t Sebastian she desires but Alden. The conniving witch transports Mary to Alden’s room and forces her to have sex with him while Alden watches. Well, technically, Alden thinks it’s a dream, but he will remember every detail of it.

In Mercy’s (Elise Eberle) nest, Hathrone proposes to her. She willingly accepts his proposal for marriage but points out that there is only one obstacle that stands in their way: Isaac (Iddo Goldberg). Later, at night, Hathrone rounds up a group of men and accuses Isaac of things he didn’t do. Fortunately, the Magistrate’s plans go horribly awry when the men Isaac freed from Mercy’s clutches pledge their loyalty to him and ward off Hathrone’s men.

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