“Outlander” Season 5 premieres on Starz Sunday night, but for Sam Heughan, that’s just the start of a very big year. The Scottish actor has so many 2020 projects lined up, and Heughan fans should be very excited.

“Outlander” Season 5 — Sundays on Starz — In addition to starring as Jamie Fraser, Heughan also became a producer alongside co-star Caitriona Balfe this season.

“It's important to have that sort of collaboration and influence,” Heughan told Entertainment Tonight. "I think the scripts and the storyline -- we definitely had an influence there. And also being a part of the production meetings and just seeing all the work that goes into it, you know, I think we're a lot more educated as well.”

Sassenach Spirits — March 2 — Heughan’s next project is one that would get Jamie Fraser’s seal of approval. He is launching his own liquor brand, Sassenach Spirits. Heughan has been keeping fans updated on The Sassenach Whisky for months, and it’ll finally be available more widely in the U.S. on March 2.

“Bloodshot” Movie — March 13 — The 39-year-old also stars in a new action movie. “Bloodshot” follows Vin Diesel as Ray Garrison, a marine who dies and is brought back with nanobots, erasing his memory and making him the perfect soldier. However, once Ray’s memories come flooding back, he starts fighting back against the people who resurrected him. Heughan stars as Vin Diesel’s adversary. He is spotted in some intense action scenes in the trailer.

“SAS Red Notice” — Fall 2020 — Heughan is starring in another action movie for the U.K.’s Sky Cinema alongside Ruby Rose, Andy Serkis and more. The thriller is based on former British special forces operative Andy McNab’s novel. Heughan plays leading man Tom Buckingham, an off-duty soldier who has to stop a terrorist attack on the train from England to France.

"Clan Lands" — TBD — “Outlander” has seriously spiked interest in Scotland, and Heughan and Graham McTavish are helping fans learn more. Their idea for a podcast became a TV show, which Heughan financed and has already been filmed. They are searching for a distributor.

“I've always been interested in Scotland's history, the clans, and the culture,” he told Oprah Magazine. “We have such huge tourism from 'Outlander.' We just wanted to sort of go on that adventure as well, and bring some of that to people, because it's part of the show that we don't get to explore anymore as the show has moved on.”

My Peak Challenge — Ongoing — As usual, Heughan is leading his annual fitness challenge. MPC is a program now spanning over 80 countries where participants try to improve their lives. The program offers 12 months of full workouts and meal plans, and it connects the participants online for support, aiming to improve both health and happiness. It also raises money for charity with half of the membership fees going to a nonprofit.

"An Unquiet Life" — TBD— The movie, which wrapped filming late last year, stars Keeley Hawes and Hugh Bonneville as actress Patricia Neal and writer Roald Dahl. Heughan plays a small part as Paul Newman, who co-starred with Neal in 1963’s “Hud.”

“I don’t think I look like Paul Newman, really, but I thought I could capture a bit of the essence of him. He had a particular energy and a rhythm to him that I tried to emulate. Hopefully, it’s a bit of an homage, but I’m not trying to copy him,” Heughan told Collider.

Fans can keep up with Heughan on Instagram and Twitter for the latest updates on all his projects.

Sam Heughan
Sam Heughan is pictured at New York Comic Con on Oct. 5, 2019 in New York City. Michael Kovac/Getty Images for STARZ