Samsung has just announced its new modular MicroLED TV. Reuters/Kim Hong-Ji

Ahead of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018, Samsung introduced the latest addition to its high-end television lineup. The South Korean tech giant’s new display machine is a 146-inch modular TV that’s designed to offer a viewing experience like no other.

On Monday, Samsung took to its online newsroom to share that it debuted its massive MicroLED TV, called “The Wall,” at the Enclave event venue in Las Vegas over the weekend. Samsung proudly labeled its new product as the world’s first modular TV for consumers.

So what makes Samsung’s new TV stand out from a sea of competition? First of all, the device’s modular design means it can be altered to fit any home environment. Then, the next outstanding aspect of The Wall is its self-emitting MicroLED technology. The pixels of MicroLED modules are far smaller than traditional LED, so Samsung’s new high-end TV is capable of rendering more vivid and detailed pictures.

Samsung’s The Wall TV
Samsung’s The Wall TV Samsung newsroom

Explaining on why it chose MicroLED for its latest television offering, Samsung said that the self-emitting technology of the screen eliminates the need for color filters because the display in itself is already delivering up to 2,000 units of peak brightness. In effect, The Wall effortlessly shows darker black shades and the truest natural colors coming from a television screen.

During the presentation of the bezel-less TV, Samsung’s Visual Display Business President JH Han remarked that The Wall is the first step for the company to realize its vision of making television screens “the center of everyday life.” The device can indeed become a center of attraction in any home environment due to its advanced features.

Han also commented on why they made The Wall bezel-less. “Screens should not be limited by size or space. Instead, they should be able to blend into any home,” he said. This explains why Samsung opted for a bezel-less modular design. The design language apparently makes it easy for consumers to adjust their TV to reach over 100 inches if they want to bring an outstanding cinematic experience to their homes.

Apart from its premium design, The Wall boasts of other innovations including Samsung’s new artificial intelligence for 8K content and the enhanced Smart TV features that the company flaunted at the product’s unveiling. Samsung Electronics America Senior VP Dave Das even noted that the enhanced picture quality of the device proves that LG’s neighboring rival is redefining the possibilities of television.

The new AI technology that Samsung incorporated into The Wall ensures that the device is equipped with the right feature to bring high-resolution content to users. The technology adjusts the algorithm in the display, so all content viewed through the device are transformed into 8K quality picture. As a result, the 146-inch modular TV offers a viewing experience like no other.