• Samsung updated is first-gen Galaxy Buds
  • The update added a few new features to the acclaimed earbuds
  • The features allow the Galaxy Buds to do more than it used to

Samsung has released a new update for the first-gen Galaxy Buds, adding new features to its acclaimed wireless earbuds.

Samsung has released a new update to the first-gen Galaxy Buds. The new update brings new features that will make the acclaimed pair of wireless earbuds better than ever, closer to the Galaxy Buds+. Here's what the new update brings.

Connecting the Galaxy Buds to a Windows PC

Samsung added Microsoft's Swift Pair feature to the Galaxy Buds so that it can pair with Windows 10 PCs easily. With this feature, the Galaxy Buds can be used to listen to music being played on a computer, or be used as a wireless headset when joining video conferences via apps such as Skype, Teams and more.

The new feature now allows the Galaxy Buds to pair with Windows PCs, in addition to the ability to pair with multiple mobile devices. Android Police noted that this is limited to compatible Galaxy phones, however.

Hearing noises in the surroundings

The new update also brings the Ambient Sound feature to the Galaxy Buds. This feature allows users to hear what's happening around them even while listening to the latest tracks or even while talking with people on the phone. The feature can also be used even when only one earbud is being used, allowing users to be fully aware of what's happening around them.

Samsung noted that the Ambient Sound feature can be pre-set and enabled through an app called Galaxy Wearable. This app can be downloaded via the Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Spotify integration

The new update also adds deeper Spotify integration to the Galaxy Buds, just like how it is with the Galaxy Buds+. Now, users can simply use the Tap & Hold gesture to launch Spotify and continue playing the song they were listening to, right where they left off.

Doing the Tap & Hold gesture one more time allows users to see recommended playlists so that users can discover new songs they haven't listened to, with the help of the Galaxy Buds. This is particularly helpful for those who are doing something while listening, like working out at the gym or jogging in the park.

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