• A known leaker posted a concept video allegedly showing Samsung’s “Glasses Lite”
  • The video shows it can pair with a Galaxy smartphone, a Galaxy Tab and even a Galaxy smartwatch
  • However, the Glasses Lite’s frame is thick in the concept video

Tech companies are racing to build the next big thing in mobile computing, and one of these could be smartglasses capable of doing things that were previously seen only in movies. One company that is working on such tech is Samsung, and a noted leaker may have given a preview of the South Korean giant’s offering.

WalkingCat, a known leaker, says The Verge, recently posted a concept video showing Samsung’s “Glasses Lite” – a pair of smartglasses that might not look very smart but is indeed capable of doing many things.

Based on the concept video, which can be viewed below, the Glasses Lite will work with other Samsung devices to give users a one-of-a-kind mobile computing and entertainment experience. It can pair with a Galaxy smartphone, a Galaxy Tab and even a Galaxy smartwatch to be able to do more than just make the wearer look good – or goofy, depending on whoever is looking.

The Glasses Lite’s frame is thick, obviously due to the tech and battery inside. It lets users view content as if they’re watching from a wide display. This is perfect for when playing a variety of mobile games or when watching videos.

A paired Galaxy watch can be used as a wrist-worn remote to control whatever is being played on the two screens embedded in the device. This feature, called “Integrated Control,” lets users remotely control playback and switch between apps or content regardless of whether the user is sitting down, working on a computer or lying down on the couch.

The Glasses Lite can also be used as a portable Dex Display so that users won’t have to lug heavy monitors and computer screens around with them as they go. This feature can also allow users to do away with laptops since the Glasses Lite can connect with other devices and serve as the screen.

Interestingly, the Glasses Lite lets users engage in video calls. While the user is able to see the person on the other end of the call, however, it remains to be seen how the person on the other end will see the person wearing the smartglasses. It currently remains unclear how face-to-face video calls will work using this device.

The Glasses Lite can also be paired with drones, allowing users to have a first-person view of what the drone camera sees. This will make drone control easier.

Further, the Glasses Lite offers a very useful everyday feature: Sunglasses Mode. At the touch of a button (or maybe a tap), the Glasses Lite’s clear lenses go dark, protecting the user’s eyes from too much bright but natural light.

All that said, Samsung has not yet officially said anything about the device. It could merely be R&D – like another pair of smartglasses that offers the same kind of visuals as that of Tony Stark’s technologies in the Marvel movies.

The Epson Movario BT-200 smartglasses
Smartglasses might soon replace smartphones, according to a smartglass technology company chairman. (Pictured: The Epson Movario BT-200 smart glasses.) Nick Deel/IBT