Samsung is now believed to be ditching its Tizen operating system for Google’s Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) when it launches its new smartwatches.

Earlier this week, notable tech and electronics leaker Evan Blass tweeted about a curious sighting of Samsung employees wearing Gear smartwatches that are running Wear OS instead of the South Korean tech company’s very own mobile OS.

Techies who stumbled upon Blass’ tweet instantly jumped to a conclusion that this could only mean the company’s switch to Wear OS. Though there seems to be no problem with Tizen OS, some claim that its limited app selection is the aspect that’s holding back Samsung’s Gear smartwatches from reaching a wider audience.

Interestingly, Samsung could be doing more than just switching to Wear OS for its next-generation wearables. Sammobile reports that a recent trademark application by the tech giant suggests that Samsung could be replacing the Gear branding in favor of Galaxy.

There are reports claiming that Samsung’s next-generation smartwatches could be named Galaxy Watch. The switch to the Galaxy name is actually not that surprising, considering how the Galaxy brand has become the signature name of Samsung’s Android products.

Unfortunately, there is still no solid information on when exactly is the next lineup of Samsung smartwatches arriving. Several sources are simply saying that Samsung is already working on new wearables that could launch in the coming months.

There is also a sketchy rumor claiming Samsung is preparing two new smartwatches. One is said to be running Tizen OS, so it could still be a Gear-branded device. On the other hand, the other smartwatch is said to be running Wear OS and this could be the first device that will use Samsung’s trademarked Galaxy branding for its wearables.

Samsung is mum amid all of these leaked and rumored information. As a precaution, fans are advised to take everything with a grain of salt until Samsung makes an official announcement.

Samsung smartwatch Samsung employees were recently seen wearing Gear smartwatches that are running Wear OS instead of Tizen. Photo: Reuters/Beawiharta