Samsung Galaxy Note Display
Pictured: Visitors get a look at Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone at the company's showroom in Seoul on October 31, 2018. AFP/Getty Images/Jung Yeon-Je

Recent reviewer tests for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have confirmed that it has battery problems. Despite using a higher power storage on the new device’s battery, older renditions of the Galaxy Note series have more reliable battery life. Here’s what we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

According to SamMobile, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s 25W battery lasts shorter than the batteries of older Galaxy Note series. As SamMobile tests the new 25W battery, it’s fast-charging feature is overshadowed by its predecessors at around the first 30 minutes of charging. However, it does manage to speed up around a whole hour of charging to be on par with the previous batteries when fast charging.

While the new 25W battery does well with its own, Samsung’s new battery fares bad not only against its predecessors but also to its competition. GSMArena’s tests notes that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s battery is way behind the competition. In 30 minutes, the Galaxy Note10’s 37% charge pales with most of the competition while other Android phones are already at half charge.

We’ve yet to confirm if this battery problem will delay the Galaxy Note 10’s release. However, Samsung might take the hit soon if it also gets a major snag like the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung’s foldable display device was praised for its good specs for a wholly new device, but had a major problem with its display. The device’s display would easily be broken after a few tampering and dust getting into it.

While both Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Fold is experiencing problems, Samsung has a history of turning things around with bad devices. In their previous problem device, the Galaxy Note 7’s defective batteries had a chance to explode which put its owners at risk.

To solve the problem, Samsung recalled all the Note 7s they’ve sold to prevent any problems from happening to its users. After the fiasco, Samsung made it up to their fans as the Galaxy Note 8 fared no problems and was better than the Note 7.

We’ve yet to know if Samsung can pull a comeback with these devices upon its release.