A recent leak has come out the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Apparently, the upcoming phone’s two variants would have a headphone jack, and other features which could be exclusive to one of the variants. Here’s what we know about this leak.

According to XDAdeveloper’s Max Weinbach on Twitter, insider info about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 revealed that both the regular Note 10 and Note 10 Pro has headphone jacks. Many smartphone users want the standard headphone jack feature on their phones as it allows them to easily use their earphones without worrying about compatibility. Sometimes, companies introduce an alternative audio jack for the device or only allot one jack for both charging and audio jack.

Leaked renders and designs about the Galaxy Note 10 are also said to be “almost perfect” which means it’ll be close to what we’re seeing so far. Previous reports note that the Galaxy Note 10 would have physical buttons, 5x optical zoom camera, and 45W charging but we can’t be sure until Samsung launches its design.

Other potential features include a stylus pen similar to the Note 9. The speaker grill on the upper part of the front screen is gone and will have tinier bezels. Unlike most smartphones, the power and volume buttons will only be found on the left side.

Meanwhile, the Pro version will support a feature that won’t be on the regular Note 10 which is a microSD port. The port would allow the device to read, store, and open contents on any microSD card placed into it. More than just an extra feature, the microSD slot on the Galaxy Note 10 Pro can drastically improve the device’s storage capacity.

For now, Samsung has yet to wholly iron out the details about the Galaxy Note 10. Rumors about its release have come out would be on August where another Samsung Unpacked event is expected to happen. We’ll have to wait for Samsung to reveal more details about the device and the event in the coming days to finally confirm what will the company add on it.