The Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally arrived in Verizon stores, although some store managers are warning about limited availability, urging customers to buy the device sooner rather than later.

Verizon initially set its in store release date for July 10, but pushed it back after receiving such high demand for the phone.

Pre-orders of the Galaxy S3 started rolling out on Verizon last week, and many customers have flocked to Verizon forums to report that they have received their phones.

The 16GB version of the phone will be available in stores for $199 on a two-year contract, and the 32GB model will be priced at $249.

Meanwhile, U.S cellular launched the Galaxy S3 online on Wednesday and will arrive in stores next week. The carrier supplies 4G LTE like the other carriers, but it has far less coverage.

AT&T launched the phone in stores on July 6 after facing an epic backlog on pre-orders of the phone, which was meant to ship on June 21. While some customers, who pre-ordered the 16GB version of the phone, received it on time, many continue to flock to AT&T forums to vent their frustrations.

AT&T is also expected to debut an exclusive red version of the phone. The addition of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to our portfolio of 4G-LTE devices gives our customers another truly cutting-edge smartphone to choose from, said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility. With an exclusive red color this summer and the power of the nation's largest 4G network, AT&T delivers the best wireless experience for Galaxy S III fans.

The S3 comes with a 4.8-inch screen, a Qualcomm S4 processor, voice control and face recognition. The new Super AMOLED display is 22 percent larger than its predecessor, bringing the phone into the Galaxy Note's phone/tablet hybrid category.

Samsung also launched a face recognition feature on its latest phone in an effort to the make the smartphone experience more natural. The phone uses its front camera to identify the user's eye movement and ensure it never goes dark or switches off while the user is looking at the phone.

Samsung has also improved its voice control feature with a sophisticated Siri-like voice recognition system dubbed S voice. The service allows users to make verbal demands to control their phone. Texts and emails can be dictated and photographs can be taken through voice commands using the feature.

The S3 also includes an NFC chip, which enables content sharing -- including video -- by tapping two phones together. The chip can also be used to make mobile payments.

The new Pop up Play feature on the phone enables multitasking, allowing users to open a video in a window on screen, and then use other apps with the rest of the screen.


Screen size: 4.8 inch

Processor: Qualcomm S4 processor

Memory size: Up to 32 GB (+64 GB with card)

Operating system: Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Camera: eight megapixels

Weight: 133 grams

Dimensions: Height - 136mm

Width - 70mm

Depth - 8.5mm

Battery: 2100mAh