Samsung Galaxy S4 release event
The countdown to the Samsung Galaxy S4 release event in the New York City on March 14 has begun. Reuters

The countdown to the Samsung Galaxy S4 release event in the New York City Mar. 14 has begun. With the South Korean tech giant employing a strong public marketing strategy for the grand unveiling of its next flagship smartphone iteration, the smartphone has already created a lot of buzz among consumers.

As part of its marketing strategy, Samsung revealed Thursday via its official Twitter page that it would not only hold a media event for the release of the Galaxy S4 Mar. 14 in New York, but would also organize a get-together for the public at the Times Square on the same day, where people can watch the “Samsung Unpacked 2013,” event via livestream.

While millions of Samsung fans all around the world are eagerly waiting for it to uncover “The Next Galaxy,” a new report has suggested that the device could be sold in six different variants.

SamMobile has reported that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be released in two colors – Black and White – while each color version will be made available in three different variants based on storage capacity. Thus, the total number of Galaxy S4 variants will be six:

- GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 16 GB (White)

- GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 32 GB (White)

- GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 64 GB (White)

- GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 16 GB (Black)

- GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 32 GB (Black)

- GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV 64 GB (Black)

“Of course storage is never a problem in Samsung devices since they have MicroSD expansion support and we do expect a MicroSD slot in the Galaxy S IV, which simply means you can upgrade the storage of your Galaxy S IV with up to 64GB,” says the report.

One very important aspect to note here is the model number “GT-I9500,” which refers to the version that is thought to be the international variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4, not the carrier branded variant of the device.

Another report at Gotta Be Mobile says regarding the rumors in question that if Samsung indeed releases two color options for the Galaxy S4, it “might be ditching the pebble blue color from the Galaxy S3, a color that gave the company production issues last year and in fact pushed the release of the Galaxy S3 back on carriers in the U.S.”

However, the report has added that Samsung could also offer other color options for the Galaxy S4 sometime later as was the case with its predecessor.

Dotted Back!

Samsung posted a picture on Twitter Thursday, related to the upcoming Galaxy S4 release event. The picture included the text: “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy” on a black and partly gray background with white dots.

Samsung Galaxy S4
The Galaxy S4 will be unveiled March 14. Samsung

Based on the picture, SamMobile tried to deduce a hint that Samsung might have given regarding the Galaxy S4’s back. According to it, the next Galaxy S smartphone could feature a dotted back. However, this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt as it’s nothing but a mere speculation.

The Mystery Of ‘Episode 1’

Yet another unsolved mystery, brought by the Samsung press invitation, is the part that reads “Episode 1.” According to the invitation that has been sent to the media, the Mar. 14 event will be the “Episode 1,” of “Samsung Unpacked 2013.” That said, what would be the other episodes all about?

Based on rumors so far, it can be assumed that “Samsung Unpacked 2013,” would include three “Episodes,” with each “Episode” relating to the three devices that Samsung was previously reportedly developing under the “Project J” code name. If it turns out to be true, then “Episode 2” could be about the Galaxy S4 Mini, while “Episode 3” could relate to the elusive Samsung smartwatch.

However, yet another highly anticipated Samsung device could also be added to the mix – the Galaxy Note 3. According to rumors, the next version of the “Phablet King” will arrive in the late summer of this year with a 6.3-inch display with a quad-core processor under the hood.

Therefore, it’s quite possible that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may replace either Galaxy S4 or the smartwatch to become the highlight of the respective “Episode.”

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expected to come up with a 4.99-inch Full-HD SoLux Display and the Snapdragon 600 processor, clocking at 1.9 Ghz. Reports also suggest a eight-core Exynos 5 Octa processor for the European market.

Other likely features of the Galaxy S4 include Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, 2 GB RAM, a 13-megapixel camera, a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, a removable battery, an Adreno 320 GPU, TouchWiz UI and Wireless charging.

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