The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now getting a sorely needed system fix as Sprint and AT&T have begun rolling out an update that will allow users to install and transfer apps from their Galaxy S4 handset to a microSD card.

The update follows one that was introduced to the European market last month, bringing the microSD functionality to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 (GT-I9505) variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Despite the popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S4, many early adopters took issue with the device having fewer than 10GB of available storage, especially since it was advertised as having 16GB. Samsung first argued that the many “innovative” new features on the Galaxy S4 would benefit the user experience, despite taking up a considerable amount of memory. But after the BBC Watchdog program called Samsung out on the practice, the company announced that it would work on securing more memory space through further “software optimization.”

In addition to allowing Galaxy S4 users to install and transfer apps to a micro SD card, Samsung’s update has also freed up some additional storage by decreasing the size of the Android operating system on the Galaxy S4. This brings most users up to 9.23GB of available storage from 9.15GB. The update also introduced the Samsung Knox security system to the Galaxy S4 on both carriers, which appears to the bootloader on the device to ensure compatibility with the system.

Sprint and AT&T have also added their own enhancements with the update. Sprint’s update includes: a Smart Pause toggle in the notification panel, custom wallpapers now have a transparent status bar, a Briefing app and a SPDclient, among many smaller enhancements.

AT&T’s update features a few more enhancements, including new camera firmware, a fix for the smearing issue, the Smart Pause toggle, HDR Video, a semi-transparent status bar, new icons in settings, secure boot status and increased text legibility.

The 357MB update is now available to Sprint and AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 users through Samsung’s KIES desktop software or OTA (over-the-air). Users with rooted devices should keep in mind that their Galaxy S4 handsets won’t receive the update until the device is reverted back to factory settings. However, developers are expected to outfit ROMs with the update, so those with modified Galaxy S4s should soon have other options.

We expect other mobile carriers to soon receive the update as well. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is also available on T-Mobile and Verizon, as well as U.S. Cellular, Metro PCS and C Spire.

How do you feel about the Samsung Galaxy S4 receiving this update that allows for micro SD installation? Let us know in the comments blow.

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