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Rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S5 include a Quad HD ‘QHD’ display. O2

While some rumors indicate that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will likely not feature a flexible display, other reports suggest that display panels for the Galaxy S5 have now gone into mass production.

Though unconfirmed, most are certain that Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a 2560 x 1440 5.25-inch QHD AMOLED display with 560ppi density. According to Korean publication DDaily, the component will utilize a diamond pixel arrangement, similar to the structure seen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy note 3.

In such a PenTile arrangement, RGBG, green pixels interlace with alternating red and blue pixels, and red sub-pixels have moa more diamond structure as opposed to the usual square or stripe shape. This allows displays to pack a higher pixel density (ppi), and provides a Full HD experience for 1920 x 1080 resolution displays like those on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3. For the 2560 x 1440 resolution expected for the Galaxy S5, its display would be Quad HD, which is also known at 2K resolution.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Still Unknown

Notably, Samsung’s AMOLED displays are among the most expensive components on the manufacturer’s flagship devices. News of their production is a positive sign that overall production for the Galaxy S5 is going well; however, there is still no definitive news about when the device will be unveiled and released.

There are several suggestions for when the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled and released. One report proposes the device will be unveiled in January for a February release, but this rumor has largely been discredited.

Another report proposes the S5 will be unveiled at the World Mobile Conference at the end of February. Yet another report proposed that handsets would go into mass production in January for a release between March and April. The latter suggestions make the most sense while reports remain unconfirmed. The timeline of January mass production, a February unveiling and a March or April release appears seamless. We have seen older Samsung Galaxy devices release in such a timeline, like the Galaxy S2. The S2 was unveiled at WMC in February 2011, but did not release until May of that year. The following Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4 were granted their own unveiling events as the Galaxy S line grew in popularity.

Samsung Galaxy S5: Alternate Plans

If the Galaxy S5 were to return to WMC for its unveiling, it may back up reports that Samsung has plans to change the direction of its Galaxy S line. The Korean manufacturer may be preparing to release a new series, which may be outfitted in metal instead of the polycarbonate exterior for which Samsung is famous. If the proposed Samsung Galaxy F line is soon introduced, Samsung may market for a sleek metal design; the Samsung Galaxy S line would remain outfitted in plastic and would introduce the manufacturer’s latest technologies (like QHD displays).

We’ve seen Apple do something similar in the release of its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. The 5s features an updated metal design, which includes a gold model, as well as updated features such as a new processor, camera, and its finger print sensor. The 5c is largely identical to the discontinued iPhone 5 by way of internal specs, but features a plastic exterior that comes in several color options. Apple markets the iPhone 5s as its premium model, which is priced higher, while the iPhone 5c sells for less.

It is currently too early to tell exactly what Samsung has planned for its devices, but with all of the tech developments that came in 2013, it is likely the manufacturer’s upcoming device will be highly influenced by the latest trends.

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