Samsung Galaxy Note 3 faux-leather back cover Phandroid

Some more Samsung Galaxy S5 rumors are coming out of the mill currently, proposing some old design and new camera features for the upcoming device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 To Continue Plastic Trend?

A recent report from GalaxyS5Info indicates that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may adopt the same faux leather stitch back cover seen on the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Round. This likely means the Galaxy S5 will continue using the same polycarbonate casing for which Samsung is known.

Reports have suggested that Samsung is preparing to release a device made of metal; however, the Galaxy S5 may not be that device. While Samsung appears to be closing a deal with metal suppliers to produce chasses for a device expected to release in the second quarter of 2014, there is word that device may be a one called the “Samsung Galaxy F.” This device is said to be one, which will provide Samsung customers with the sleek and premium look they have long desired, while the Galaxy S5 is expected to stay on board as plastic device to introduce new software features to Samsung.

Sources have reportedly told GalaxyS5Info that the Galaxy S5 will be available in a myriad of colors including Pink, Lime and Yellow, much like Apple's introduction of the iPhone 5C, which is made of plastic and comes in many vibrant colors, while the iPhone 5S is outfitted in aluminum comes in three premium metallic colors. In addition, reports also suggest the Samsung Galaxy S5 may release much sooner than expected, likely in February 2014. If true, this may indicate Samsung is preparing to release another device later in the year. No recent reports, including the most current have been confirmed; GalaxyS5Info is notably not a known or trusted source of leaks. However, the rumor does bring an interesting take to the development of the Galaxy S5 pre-release. With the changes many rival manufacturers have made to their devices recently, we can only imagine what Samsung has planned for its upcoming devices.

16-MP Camera For Samsung Galaxy S5?

Meanwhile, reports out of Korea suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 may feature a 16-mepapixel CMOS camera sensor. According to ETNews, Samsung’s system LSI division is currently in competition with Sony to develop Samsung's next mobile lens. Sony is widely known for manufacturing high-pixel camera sensors, and has even developed the sensors seen in Samsung devices such as the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy Note 3. Samsung System LSI is reportedly now working on a number of camera sensors, including a 13-megapixel lens with optical image stabilization and an 8-megapixel lens with ISOCELL technology, which reduces glare and noise in low-light conditions. This makes System LSI an equally formidable contender against Sony to manufacture the Galaxy S5 camera lens. According to ETNews, the 16-mepapixel lens is still in early development and Samsung is expected to select a supplier by the end of the year.

Reports about the Galaxy S5 camera also remain unconfirmed and notably contradict recent news that suggest the S5 will feature the aforementioned 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization. As we have mentioned, the Galaxy S5 is still fairly early in its pre-release. The Galaxy Note 3 was similarly rumored to feature a 16-megapixel camera early in its pre-release; however, the handset ultimately hit the market with a 13-megapixel lens. The story goes that Samsung cancelled the feature in the Galaxy Note 3 due to component shortages.

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