The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the newest smartphones on the market, and since it was released it's been subjected to a plethora of tests to see how much damage the device can withstand.

Before the Galaxy S5 even made it to consumers or reviewers, Samsung gave the device some stress tests of its own in controlled environments. These tests included radiation tests, durability tests and sensor tests. The various radiation tests determined how much radiation the Galaxy S5 emits in the form of radio waves. The durability tests determined how high the handset can be dropped without damage, how much water and dust it can withstand, and how often its capacitive buttons can be pressed before wear and tear on them become apparent. The sensor tests determined speaker quality and microphone sensitivity.

But whereas all of those tests took place in controlled environments, so-called torture tests at least attempt to mimic the real-world situations in which smartphones might get damaged. Some are a simply drop tests from various heights, but in other tests the Galaxy S5 was submerged in water, run over by an SUV and even shot at. Here's a look at how the Galaxy S5 fared in those torture tests.

Swimming Pool And Washing Machine

The Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant (not waterproof) with an IP67 certification, which guarantees its functionality within 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Tech Smartt recently tested the device’s water durability by submerging it in a 1 meter deep pool for an hour, and the device remained completely functional. Next, the same Galaxy S5 was placed in a washing machine to simulate a person leaving their handset in their pants pockets. After a 50-minute wash cycle, the Galaxy S5 still remained functional, though water did get into the device a one point. Once the water was drained and wiped away, the device worked again.

50-caliber Sniper Rifle

Rated RR put the Samsung Galaxy S5 through its paces, performing a drop test, water drop test and even a shooting test with a classic Barrett M107A1 50-caliber sniper rifle. According to Rated RR the Galaxy S5 passed its drop test on a concrete brick and failed its water drop test into a filled fish tank. However, once the Galaxy S5 went up again the rifle it was blown to smithereens. Most of its components were shot right out of the handset and only parts of its frame were recovered.


TechSmartt also tested the Samsung Galaxy S5 against the Galaxy S4 in drop tests from various heights, and also ran the Galaxy S5 over with a car. After four drops from pocket height, head height, above the head and approximately 10-feet and being run over with two wheels of an SUV the most damage the Galaxy S5 sustained was the glass of its rear camera cracked. Its display remained intact.

Two-Story Building

GadgetGuruHD has previously done water tests with the Samsung Galaxy S5 testing its 30-minute water resistance and its 4K video under water, from which the device survived without any issues. Next the same Galaxy S5 was tossed over a second-story balcony, which completely shattered it display. However, the device’s touchscreen functionality and finger sensor capability remained functional.


TechRax tested the Samsung Galaxy S5 against a knife and a hammer. After a few scratches to the back panel with a knife, the Galaxy S5 was hit with a hammer until its screen cracked. Then it was smashed with intent to destroy, but once the handset was hit while face down with its back panel exposed the panel fell off and the battery was exposed. Then the demonstrator hit the battery, which exploded and emitted smoke and a black inky substance. Having titled the video “Samsung Galaxy S5 Hammer Smash Fail = Battery Explosion” the guys at TechRax learned that hammering a Li-ion battery is not a good idea.

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