Samsung launched the Galaxy View in 2015, and now there seems to be strong evidence suggesting that the South Korean tech giant is working on a successor to the massive movable display.

On Tuesday, Sammobile stumbled upon a couple of certifications for what seems to be an upcoming Galaxy View upgrade. The device bearing the model number SM-T927A recently received Wi-Fi and Bluetooth certifications, according to the leaked documents.

Since the Galaxy View 2 now has two key certifications, several sources believe that the device could be launching in the coming months. This is good news to those who liked the first Galaxy View device, which debuted with an 18.4-inch display.

This isn’t the first time that the possibility of Samsung releasing a Galaxy View successor was brought up. Android Police learned from an unnamed source last month that Samsung was preparing an enormous 17-inch Android tablet that will debut as the Galaxy View 2.

The Galaxy View 2 is believed to come with more up-to-date specs and features compared to its predecessor that charged via an old laptop-style AC power adapter. The upcoming device will reportedly have USB-C and it is also said to feature a book-style hinge as a stand instead of the massive handle that its predecessor came with.

There are some aspects of the Galaxy View 2 that will remain the same as those of the original device. For instance, the upcoming display will still be powered by an Exynos chipset and it will still feature a 1080p display. The screen is a tad smaller though, measuring around 17.5 inches.

Some aspects of the Galaxy View 2 are also not that impressive. The device is said to come only with a measly 3GB of RAM and it won’t have support for Samsung’s DeX mode. It will also not arrive with a stylus, which is supposed to be a good accessory for the massive display.

There’s no information on the possible release date of the Galaxy View 2 yet. However, many are expecting the device to be launched by AT&T in the U.S. market first. Unfortunately, Samsung hasn’t confirmed the reports and leaks, so it’s best to wait for an official announcement.