• Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 3 is here
  • New features are being added to the device less than a day after it was released
  • Samsung is rolling out blood oxygen monitoring, VO2max, advanced running analysis and sleep ratings

Samsung is already rolling out blood oxygen monitoring and more health features for the new Galaxy Watch 3 less than a day after it was released to the public.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is not just a good-looking timepiece. It's a health-oriented wearable that builds on the success of its predecessors and adds new features designed to let it compete with Apple's aptly named wearable. The South Korean tech giant is currently rolling out an update that brings new health apps to the device.

The new 80MB update includes features that Samsung touted when it announced the Galaxy Watch 3 during the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event, SamMobile noted. It brings support for blood oxygen monitoring, VO2max, advanced running analysis and sleep ratings – some of the device's key features.

Here's a quick look at the features, according to the update:

Blood Oxygen

Per Samsung, the new blood oxygen monitoring feature lets users “check how effectively your respiratory system transfers oxygen to the bloodstream.”

Currently, this feature is not available for certain countries, including Algeria, Angola, Canada, France, Iran, Japan, Libya, South Africa and Thailand.


Samsung said the update allows the new wearable to help users “check the maximum amount of oxygen you utilize during exercise to improve your endurance.” This works alongside the abovementioned feature to provide users with a better picture of their health.

Advanced Running Analysis

Samsung improved on the Galaxy Watch 3's running analytics so that it could provide users with “the insights you need to improve your running form.” This feature will help runners achieve a safer, more effective posture and stride when running.

Sleep score

Lastly, Samsung added a new sleep tracking feature to the Galaxy Watch 3. The feature will provide users with “sleep scores” that correspond to their sleep patterns and quality of sleep at any given night (or day, depending on when the user sleeps). Users, however, will have to get used to wearing a huge watch on their wrist to use this feature.

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