• Samsung recently released its new Galaxy Watch 3
  • The device offers various features indicating it was meant to compete with the Apple Watch
  • It's a formidable device in its own right and could be the best wearable Android users can get at the moment

Samsung has released a new smartwatch meant to take on the Apple Watch: the Galaxy Watch 3.

But the Galaxy Watch 3 shouldn't be brushed off as just an Apple Watch competitor as TechCrunch noted that it could be the best wearable Android users can get at the moment.

Samsung took the best features from its previous wearables and placed them in one good-looking smartwatch. The result of that effort is the Galaxy Watch 3, the direct successor to the first Galaxy Watch. Here's a look at its features.

The operating system

Samsung used its Tizen OS on the Galaxy Watch 3. While this means users won't have access to as many apps as the Apple Watch does, it will allow them to enjoy essential apps like Spotify and to customize their device with more than 80,000 watch faces and about 40 modular complications. This device works well with Android devices, especially Samsung's.

The return of the bezel

Samsung used a digital bezel on the Galaxy Watch Active line. The Galaxy Watch 3, on the other hand, features a rotating bezel. Users will navigate from screen to screen by spinning the stainless steel bezel, which appears to be thinner compared to the one on the original Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung

The display

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes in 41mm and 45mm sizes and features a 1.2-inch and 1.4-inch, respectively. These are smaller than the Apple Watch Series 5's 1.5/1.65-inch displays and are rounded. Users will be able to see display details in broad daylight.

Battery life

The device can last two full days if the always-on display feature is turned off, TechCrunch noted. Enabling always-on shortens that to just one day of battery life.

Fitness features

The new wearable offers improved capabilities at monitoring select workouts. The Galaxy Watch 3 also features improved running analyses, giving users a more comprehensive and detailed review of their runs after running.

In addition, the Galaxy Watch 3 offers improved sleep tracking features, although users will need to get used to wearing a big wristwatch when they sleep. It also has mindfulness and stress management features meant to help users.

The device has an EKG and blood pressure detector, but the features remain inactive for the moment, at least until Samsung gets the necessary approvals.

Samsung has priced the Bluetooth/WiFi-only 41mm and 45mm Galaxy Watch 3 versions at $400 and $430, respectively. Cellular versions are more expensive, but the price can be lowered via trade-in.

These might not be cheap, but they bring features that no other Android wearable has and will likely be the best option for non-iOS users.