More details about Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy X foldable phone have been uncovered. Thanks to new Samsung patents, there’s now information on the possible video call UI and the aspect ratio of the upcoming smartphone.

On Thursday, SamMobile shared what it recently discovered after stumbling upon new patent filings by Samsung. One of the things that’s showcased in the patents is the multi-window UI of the foldable phone. By the looks of things, Samsung has prepared different multi-window UI implementations to make use of the wide screen when the Galaxy X is folded out.

One illustration shows a vertical implementation of the multi-window UI for video calls. The layout is vertical because the camera is placed on one side of the display. Holding the device vertically positions the camera to the top, which then makes it easier for users to look into the camera during a video call. It’s also important to note that the vertical UI assigns a different function to the bottom display when the phone is held vertically. In the illustration, the bottom displays several images, while the top shows the video feed of the video call that is transpiring.

Samsung patent illustration found in Samsung patent filed with WIPO. Photo: WIPO/Samsung patent

The leaked patents also show a different multi-window UI for the primary camera at the back of the device. The orientation of the foldable phone in the illustrations for the camera multi-window UI is horizontal. Just like in the UI for video calls, the camera interface is divided into two sides, but this time it’s left and right instead of top and bottom. On the left side of the display are the different picture quality settings. Meanwhile, the right side shows the image that is being captured by the back camera lens.

illustration 2 camera UI illustration in Samsung patent filed with WIPO. Photo: WIPO/Samsung patent

Images captured using the Galaxy X foldable phone may also have different aspect ratios compared to those taken using standard phones. Patent illustrations show three different aspect ratios for the same image, one of which consumes the entire wide display of the Galaxy X. There’s also an illustration for what seems to be a wide-angle image taken using the device’s front-facing camera.

Illustration 3 Aspect ratio illustration in Samsung patent filed with WIPO. Photo: WIPO/Samsung patent

Interestingly, Samsung also has patents showing UI ideas for a foldable phone that has an all-screen design. The absence of bezels makes it possible for the UI to feature several customization options for the positioning of the main menu buttons. Some illustrations show how users can customize the menu buttons for one-handed use.

illustration 4 Illustration of foldable phone with all-screen design found in Samsung patent filed with WIPO. Photo: WIPO/Samsung Patent

It is typical for Samsung and other tech companies to patent their ideas and inventions. However, not all of these patents see the light of the day, so it’s best to take all of the new information presented in the recently leaked patents with a grain of salt.

Check out Samsung’s new patents by clicking here, here and here. Take note that all of them are in Korean language. However, they do present numerous illustrations of Samsung’s upcoming foldable phone.