Samsung Gear VR
Customers who pre-order the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ will get the new Gear VR for free. REUTERS/Fabian Bimmer

The latest version of Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset, and new controller, will release April 21 and cost $129. Samsung announced the release at its press event Wednesday for its new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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The updated headset, which was initially revealed at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona earlier this year, will sport a refreshed external design. On the inside, the headset features revamped specifications that include upgraded lens resolution and distortion correction technology to cut down the risk of getting motion sickness.

More notably, the new Gear VR will also feature an Oculus designed controller that pairs with the headset. The controller is built around a clickable touchpad that you control with your thumb and also features a trigger button and other in-app functionality controls.

Like with other motion-based controllers, the Oculus peripheral also includes a wrist strap to keep you from losing it during use. Samsung said that new Gear VR games that support the controller are in currently in development.

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Against other mobile VR headsets, Samsung’s Gear VR and its new controller help put the headset in line with the competition. As popular as mobile headsets like the Gear VR have been, they’ve often had limited interactivity compared to other premium options like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

While those headsets are much more expensive than the Gear, their controllers and sensors make gaming much easier to use. With its new controller and updated headset, though, it’s clear that Samsung wants to take VR beyond a novelty and make the technology a central part of its smartphone strategy.