Samsung is believed to have canceled its 10th anniversary smartphone that was leaked a while ago, a report claimed.

Samsung was said to be working on a smartphone that has a 110% screen to body ratio. This smartphone, leaked through a patent spotted by Dutch-speaking website Lets Go Digital, was a bezel-less smartphone with an in-display camera that also does away with the hole punch design where front-facing cameras are normally placed.

Renowed tipster Ice Universe confirmed such a leak using an illustration how Samsung is able to create a phone with a screen to body ratio higher than 100%. The leaker said this is done by bending the sides of the phone, and expanding the display towards those bent areas.

While that may sound like earlier edge displays, the patent mentioned above shows that it is a totally new design with top and bottom sides bent as well. This is design is called a 3D curved display.

“We see a fairly round-shaped smartphone, with a flat display surface on the front with four curved display modules around it. This creates a 3D curved design,” the Dutch report said.

Samsung planned to add functionality to the otherwise beautifully curved top, left and right sides of the phone. The Dutch report said the top, which houses the in-display camera, could be used for multimedia controls, while the sides can be used to display frequently used app icons.

Aside from these, the alleged phone is expected to have one physical button located on the right-hand side, and will also have a rear camera module that “accommodates several camera lenses.” The module doesn’t protrude, is vertically oriented, and is located at the center.

Exciting as this “aggressive” smartphone might be, it is reportedly canceled and won’t see the light of day. According to Ice Universe, the same leaker who said Samsung is working on the project, “Samsung has cancelled the project.”

The handset was expected to feature all the latest technology Samsung has to offer in a smartphone. As sad as the cancellation might seem, though, Samsung is still set on releasing the Galaxy Note 10, which is believed to be better than the Galaxy S10 series of flagships. What’s unclear now is if and when Samsung will release the delayed Galaxy Fold device.

Samsung Galaxy Note Display
Pictured: Visitors get a look at Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone at the company's showroom in Seoul on October 31, 2018. AFP/Getty Images/Jung Yeon-Je