Photos showing renders of the upcoming Motorola RAZR foldable smartphone have been leaked online, showing Lenovo’s first offering for the foldable smartphone race.

The photos, leaked via renowned leaks website Slashleaks, gives the public glimpses of the upcoming smartphone’s features. It also shows some accessories that will come with the smartphone once it’s released.

If the photos are anything to go by, it appears that Lenovo is banking on the popularity that the legendary Motorola clamshell had when it was first released more than a decade ago. Save for the huge display when opened, the new RAZR foldable smartphone looks pretty similar the original RAZR, with a bulge at the chin and all.


The renders give away some key features the RAZR smartphone has. First, Lenovo did away with the small screen and keypad found in the original model, and instead fitted a display that unfolds to a maximum size of 6.2 inches.

This display size allows the new RAZR to be used with one hand even when opened. This can be a big plus, compared to other foldable smartphones from Samsung and Huawei, both of which require two hands when unfolded.

Second, there appears to be a large speaker found at the bulge located below the display. This speaker will likely work with the on-ear speaker found at the notch at the top to form a stereo speaker setup, Phone Arena noted.

Third, although the renders do not show it clearly, there will be a smaller display located at the back of the upper half of the unfolded phone, just like how it is with the original RAZR. This display will allow users to make use of certain apps that come preinstalled on the phone.

Lastly, in keeping with classic RAZR fashion, there is only one camera, mounted near the small display at the back of the upper half of the phone. Those who want to take selfies using the RAZR can do so by pointing the camera at themselves, by looking at the small display to see their faces, and by tapping on the large display to take a snap.

Mid-range specs

Although the RAZR looks like a top-tier smartphone meant to beat the Galaxy Fold and Mate X, XDA Developers reported that it will feature mid-range specs and will likely sell for a lower price at around $1,500. Whether it does topple the other foldables or not remains to be seen.

Motorola RAZR Lenovo will need more than nostalgia to make the Motorola Razr smartphone a big hit. Photo: Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch