Samsung is reportedly working on the next foldable phone set for release next year. The said release is expected to be a compact-sized square foldable phone.

Reports that surfaced the internet suggest that Samsung is secretly working on their next foldable phone that is set to be released early next year. People familiar with the issue revealed that the next Samsung foldable phone will be thinner and more affordable.

“I’m intrigued to see if a manufacturer can deliver a clamshell design that takes the current smartphone footprint and lets you fold in half like a wallet in a similar manner to mobile phones of yesterday such as the iconic Motorola Razr,” Ben Wood, an analyst with CCS Insight stated.


Leaks reveal that the next compact-sized square foldable phone from Samsung will come at a 6.7-inch inner display. When folded inward like a clamshell the device is expected to shrink into a pocketable square.

Cameras will be placed strategically on the upcoming Samsung foldable. One camera will be on the whole punch on the upper part of the inner display that completely hides when the phone is folded.

Two other cameras will be installed on the next Samsung foldable’s outer part. Both will be facing the rear but the other one will be facing the user when the device is folded or closed.

Operating System and Internals

Since the folded Samsung compact-size square will take the shape of a regular smartphone, the device will run on the Android operating system. This is primarily because the Android UI is capable of making sure that the apps can make use of their full dimension and appearance.

Samsung still remains silent on the details of the alleged next foldable phone. Details on the phone specifications also remain undisclosed as of the moment.

Reports suggest that the release of the foldable phones could be the tech giants bounce back after the Korean tech giant’s long-standing lead on the mobile industry was threatened by Huawei. This could also be the company’s chance to rise once again after creating a negative impression on the first foldable phone release that did not withstand days of conventional use.