Movie projectors are still currently being used in all theaters, wether its film or digital. Now, Samsung has introduced a new option for movie theaters with its 4K HDR Cinema Screen.

Samsung’s Cinema Screen is 34-foot (408-inch) display and is designed to be installed right inside movie theaters. The display itself uses direct-lit LED technology and delivers high dynamic range (HDR). The company claims that it is able to deliver brightness that’s ten times more than what traditional cinema projector can offer.

Samsung Cinema Screen A promotional image showing the new Samsung Cinema Screen. Photo: Samsung

As for picture quality, the Samsung Cinema Screen has a 4K resolution of 4,096 x 2,160. The South Korean company claims that the display also exceeds the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) specifications. This means that the Samsung Cinema Screen offers performance and quality that’s beyond the technology that theaters are currently using, according to Slash Gear.

“As the popularity of advanced at-home entertainment systems and streaming platforms increases, theaters must reposition themselves as a destination for an incomparable viewing experience that consumers simply cannot encounter anywhere else,” VP of Samsung Electronics America, Sang Kim said.

With digital television and the wide range of available TV and movie streaming services, most of us are already used to crisp and bright displays at home. Samsung wants to deliver that same kind of experience in movie theaters as well.

Harman Professional Solutions Cinema Group will be handling the audio that will match the new Cinema Screen. Samsung completed it acquisition of Harman earlier this month.

The Samsung Cinema Screen is currently undergoing the DCI certification process. Once certified, the company should be able to offer the technology to movie theaters. It also seems like a great solution for smaller venues where image quality can easily be seen.

There’s no information on pricing, but it goes without saying that it’s going to be very expensive. Samsung’s 88-inch QLED Q9 TV, which was unveiled earlier this year, already carries a $40,000 price tag.