Actor Samuel L. Jackson has drawn headlines in recent days for berating President Donald Trump's comments that arming teachers with guns would prevent school shootings.

"Can someone that’s been in a Gunfight tell that Muthaf—a that’s Never been in a Gunfight, the flaws of his Arm The Teachers plan??!!" he wrote on Twitter Friday.

The 69-year-old Academy Award nominee's response went viral, garnering upwards of 86,000 retweets and 283,000 likes as of Sunday.

Jackson’s words come after President Trump, during a listening session Wednesday, posited that arming 20 percent of teachers with firearms would deter school shootings, like the Feb. 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, which left 17 people dead and several others injured.

Vice President Mike Pence, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and Parkland Mayor Christine Hunschofsky, alongside Trump, spoke with families of the survivors of the Parkland and 2012 Newton school shootings to address gun violence.

Trump reiterated his position Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that schools should arm "gun adept" faculty with weapons, which he claimed would prevent further gun violence on campuses nationwide.

"This would be a major deterrent because these people are inherently cowards," he said during the event. "If [the Florida gunman] thought that other people would be shooting bullets back at him, he wouldn’t have gone there." 

Trump added that "when we declare our schools to be gun free zones, it just puts our students in far more danger."

Meanwhile, as advocates pushed for stricter gun laws, several companies have announced plans to part ways with the Nation Rifle Association(NRA). The group has remained staunch regarding their position on the use of assault weapons. 

More than 12 companies have reportedly cut ties with the association since Thursday.