SNK’s "Samurai Shodown (2019)" is confirmed for release on June 25. More than its release, SNK also confirmed that it’ll bundle the game’s Season Pass for free if purchased before June 30. Here’s what we know about this bold move.

According to the official "Samurai Shodown" Youtube channel, the latest Return of a Legend trailer confirms that the Season Pass is free if the game is purchased before June 30. Since the game is going to be released on June 25, players have five days to avail this free Season Pass offer.

This offer applies to either physical or digital copy of the game for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The free Season Pass codes cannot be used after June 30 anymore. We’ve yet to know if the Nintendo Switch and PC versions would also receive this free Season Pass offer.

Destructoid revealed that SNK would have four characters prepared for this Season Pass. All of these four characters would also be released in the remaining half of 2019. SNK has yet to confirm if these four DLC characters would be returning characters from older entries or newcomers just coming in this iteration of "Samurai Shodown."

Compared to other fighting game releases, "Samurai Shodown" has one of the boldest Day 1 DLC packages this 2019. Other fighting games, like "Street Fighter 5," "Tekken 7," "Mortal Kombat 11" and "BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle," only included the first DLC character in their Day 1 DLC. Meanwhile, SNK is going to offer all of the DLC characters if players bought the game early. If successful, SNK may start a standard of this type of Day 1 DLC release not only for its own games but also from other developers.

"Samurai Shodown" is one of the EVO 2019 main event tournaments. SNK may have grabbed the opportunity to get as many players as it can with the free DLC. With a free set of characters and a promise of a competitive scene, SNK has a great chance of hitting it big this year or fade into obscurity.

For now, we’ll have to wait if this free Season Pass tactic will be effective. "Samurai Shodown," debuting as "Samurai Spirits" in the West, will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on June 25.

samurai shodown twitter Pictured: Samurai Shodown banner for US version posted on Twitter