• "The Sandbox" announced a new expansion coming Thursday
  • It is an Ethereum-based metaverse and gaming ecosystem
  • Dubbed Mega City, the expansion offers a mega land sale

The hit play-to-earn game, "The Sandbox," has recently rolled out a new expansion called Mega City, where players can purchase land. If you are among those who want to avail of the expansion's new land sale, this guide could come in handy.

What is the Mega City land sale?

"The Sandbox" has a land sale every month. This time, it has partnered with several Hong Kong-based ventures for a Mega Sale in a new area dubbed Mega City. The number of lands available is limited and since lots in the metaverse shrink at a fast rate, this round is expected to sell out quickly.

The Mega City sale is set to launch at 8 a.m. ET Thursday. There are seven estates, 95 premium lands and 61 normal lands available at the sale. A regular land parcel costs 1,011 SAND and a premium land parcel costs 4,683 SAND.

Mega City LAND Sale - The Sandbox
A new LAND sale is launching on January 13th at 1pm UTC around Mega City, a new cool neighbourhood in The Sandbox Metaverse. YouTube Screenshot/The Sandbox Game Official YouTube Channel

How To buy land?

Those who want to secure a parcel of land in the upcoming Mega City land sale in "The Sandbox" should have both SAND and ETH. SAND is used to pay for the land while ETH is required for gas fees.

For this, gamers need to set up a crypto wallet that supports the game. Players need to log in and have their crypto wallets linked to the game.

On the game's land tab, gamers can choose the parcel of land they want to purchase and then click Buy Land or Buy Estate. There are pre-sale announcements on the game's social media accounts, so it helps to keep a tab on its Twitter and Discord channels.

Being a landowner in "The Sandbox" brings a wide range of benefits, including Alpha or Beta access to the game's play-to-earn features.

"The Sandbox" is an Ethereum-based metaverse and gaming ecosystem where players can design, create, share and monetize in-game assets and gaming experiences. This play-to-earn game allows gamers to have complete ownership over their in-world creations.