• Konami celebrates the 35th anniversary of "Castlevania" this year
  • To auction NFTs featuring artworks related to "Castlevania" 
  • The auction starts January 12 until January 14

Video game publisher Konami has launched Castlevania-themed NFTs to mark the 35th anniversary of the gothic horror action-adventure video game series and media franchise, but not all fans were amused.

Dubbed the Konami Memorial NFT collection, the offering features 14 artworks from "Castlevania," consisting of background music, game scenes and newly drawn visuals. It will be up for a worldwide auction on OpenSea starting 5 p.m. ET January 12 until 9 p.m. January 14.

"Konami Memorial NFT is a new initiative to share content that has been loved by players all over the world, for many years. As the company’s first project in this area and with NFTs and blockchain technology in its infancy, Konami will continue to explore new developments and listen to player feedback following this initial collection," the company said.

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Konami Konami

However, fans who were expecting Konami to launch a new game or a collection of previous titles, were not so pleased.

"Konami doing NFTs now? Instead of doing anything actually worthwhile with Castlevania? Why am I not surprised," a Twitter user who goes by the name NCSmarter said.

"Dunno about all of you, but I'm sick and tired of hearing about NFTs. I hope this fad dies out sooner rather than later this year. This is also especially awful given how Konami has treated Castlevania over the last decade," Twitter user OliverJia1014 added.

"On top of this being NFT garbage s**t, it pisses me off that this is the most that they’ve done with Castlevania in almost a decade," user ChowderGumball noted.

Konami is the latest company to jump on the NFT bandwagon. Ubisoft is currently experimenting NFTs in-game items. Square Enix also revealed its interest in the latest craze.