Sarah Ferguson and Princess Diana used to be very close. In fact, they considered themselves to be the best of friends when they first joined the royal family.

In her autobiography “My Story,” the Duchess of York revealed that she was grateful to the Princess of Wales for inviting her to her royal wedding to Prince Charles in 1981. At that time, no one knew who Ferguson was, and she felt like a nobody.

But the two young women’s relationship quickly turned sour on the day of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s nuptials. Prince Andrew’s ex-wife revealed that Princess Diana gave her materials to use for her dress because she didn’t have anything nice to wear.

Fergie arrived at the wedding venue in a big car all by herself. She walked up into St. Paul’s on her own, and she sat at Dome A, Row A, Seat 4. When the wedding was over, Ferguson left the venue by herself, and her nerves were all over because everyone was looking at her.

“Diana’s flatmates were all included for wedding breakfast at the Palace, but I had not been invited. My feelings were hurt – there was nothing like a grand occasion to make me feel fat and unworthy,” she said.

But even after the brief snub, Ferguson decided to stay very close to the late royal. The two young women constantly hung out, especially after Ferguson realized that Princess Diana didn’t have a social life. She was always bored at the palace, but she was beautiful and perfect in the eyes of the royal fans.

“But perfection came at a cost, even for Diana. She was two years younger than I, and I strove to support and protect her as I would a younger sister – as I still do today, as a best friend,” Fergie said.

Four years after the Prince and Princess of Wales tied the knot, Princess Diana introduced Ferguson to Prince Andrew, and they hit it off. One year later, the Duke and Duchess of York tied the knot.

Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson
Princess Diana was jealous of Sarah Ferguson because she knew how to win the hearts of the royal family. Pictured: Prince Andrew, Ferguson, Lord Linley, Prince Edward, Prince Charles, Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mother outside her London Clarence House residence on Aug. 4, 1989. Getty Images/Johnny Eggitt