Sarah Ferguson wanted to make a lasting first impression during her first meeting with Prince Charles. But she soon learned that meeting the heir to the throne could be quite intimidating.

In the book “My Story,” the mom of two said that it wasn’t surprising for her to be in the same circle as the royal family because of her dad’s polo connections. Fergie always thought that having connections with the royal family was quite normal until she reached the age of self-consciousness.

While at the Guards Polo Club drinks party, the 18-year-old Duchess of York had the opportunity to meet Prince Charles. Before their paths crossed, Prince Andrew’s ex-wife thought of all the things that she could say to her future brother-in-law. But when the moment came, Ferguson felt that her tongue was too big for her mouth.

“I had it all planned out; I would talk to Charles about the mountains, something a prince would find interesting. But now that he was here, in the flesh, I blurted out something about rabbits – totally and utterly inapposite… I could have gratefully died at that moment… I wanted to vanish into the wall,” she said.

But if Ferguson was filled with anticipation when she first met Prince Charles, the same cannot be said about the latter. The Prince of Wales was never fond of Ferguson. And Prince Charles became even more distant from the mom of two after she and Prince Andrew divorced.

Prince William and Prince Harry’s dad couldn’t understand why Ferguson still had links to the royal family when she was no longer an official member of the British clan.

Meanwhile, Ferguson also shared her huge mishap when she met Prince Andrew at the Royal Ascot in 1985. Princess Beatrice’s mom said that the Duke of York leaned in close to her so that he could reach something, and she thought that he was asking for a kiss.

Fergie kissed Prince Andrew on the cheek and even though he was surprised with the gesture, he thanked her for it.

Prince Charles and Sarah Ferguson
Prince Charles snubbed Sarah Ferguson in the evening party he hosted for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Pictured: Prince Charles and Ferguson listen to the Dalai Lama delivering the L.M. Singhvi-Temenos Interfaith lecture at Central Hall in Westminster, central London, 28 May, 2004. Getty Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth