Sarah Ferguson recently shared how she found out about her dad’s death.

The Duchess of York was in Australia to promote an exclusive deal with Weight Watchers when she received a call informing her of her dad’s death in 2003. While holding an interview, Ferguson managed to sit through the entire discussion in a composed manner even though she just found out that her dad died at the age of 71.

Ferguson described the moment in a candid flashback and said, “Sitting there sobbing, my father would have said, ‘what are you doing? You have your obligations.’ Now is the time he needs me to go out there and honor my commitments.”

The mom of two managed to get through her interview on the “Today Show” in Australia at that time. While she was in another country, Ferguson’s ex-husband, Prince Andrew, helped Ferguson’s mom and sister plan her dad’s funeral. Ferguson also called them religiously to get updates regarding their plans.

Ferguson’s dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1996. He also suffered from skin cancer and had a heart attack in 2002. After Ferguson’s scandalous photos were published by British tabloids, her dad came to her defense. He also stepped out to promote prostate cancer awareness years ago.

In related news, Ferguson also made headlines today after royal fans once again urged her to remarry Prince Andrew. The push came after Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie’s mom posted a touching tribute to commemorate Prince Andrew’s 59th birthday on her Instagram account.

On her post, Ferguson shared an adorable picture of Prince Andrew grinning from ear to ear. One royal fan said that she is still rooting for the royal couple to get back together.

“Some people’s marriage is a mistake. In you and Andrew’s case, I don’t think so,” one royal fan commented.

Some of Ferguson’s followers couldn’t also help but gush over how good looking Prince Andrew in the photo.