Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson was accused of being an addict for approval and acceptance. Pictured: Ferguson arrives ahead of the wedding of Princess Eugenie of York and Mr. Jack Brooksbank at St. George's Chapel on October 12, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Toby Melville-WPA Pool

Sarah Ferguson was dubbed as the ultimate pleaser and was accused of being addicted to acceptance after her 1996 interview.

Host Dini Petty dubbed the Duchess of York as such also because of the things she wrote in her book “Finding Sarah: A Duchess’s Journey to Find Herself.”

“Once upon a time, I was a Princess, married to a handsome Prince, and living in a palace… To deliver some vital gift that I couldn’t give myself. I have done this my entire life, trying out fresh strategies, hoping that people, anybody, would find me worthy,” she wrote.

During her interview with Petty, she said that Dr. Phil informed her that she was like an addict because she longed for other people’s approval and acceptance. Despite being taken aback, Ferguson made light of the situation by saying that Dr. Phil has managed to label her problem and she can already deal with it.

While speaking with Parade, the mom of two also shared her thoughts on what it was like filming her own reality TV series, “Finding Sarah.” She said that it was a struggle to have cameras in her face all the time.

“When people are talking about how I’m an addict of approval and acceptance and people-pleasing, and there are people in the room I don’t even know who is hearing my innermost secrets, my goodness, does it grind you,” she said.

But Ferguson’s struggles taught her a lot of things. She also passed on some of her learnings to Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. The Duchess of York told her daughters to always remember that when they wake up in the morning and step out of the house, things become sort of a fair game.

Compared to staying in the house, when her daughters are out in public and they are a having a bad mood, she encouraged them to put a smile on their face because no one wants to see a grumpy princess.