“Scandal” Season 6 premiered in January with a shocking twist with regards to the new president of the United States. But until today, it is still unclear who will be taking the seat at the Oval Office.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Shonda Rhimes hinted that they might not reveal the identity of the next president until the finale. The exec also dished on what’s in store for the characters in the upcoming episodes.

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“The end of the season really hurdles toward a really great conclusion. We’re getting to the point where we finish out this big storyline that we’ve been unfolding. Up until then, I think we’ve been telling a lot of very individualized episodes. Then, with the Huck storyline, you saw it start to come together with group episodes. After the 100th, we stop going from one person’s point of view to another’s and it comes back together to our team of people by necessity. We are breaking and writing the finale right now, and there’s a large debate in the room about whether or not we’re going to get a new president. I think we are,” she said.

Meanwhile, “Scandal” just aired its 100th episode on Thursday night. The what-might-have-happened- episode saw Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) tying the knot with her longtime lover, Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn). The latter decided to split from Mellie (Bellamy Young) so he could be with Olivia. Unfortunately, their marriage went down the drain after the latter started drinking excessively. Olivia also regretted her decision of not fixing the results of the election in favor of Fitz.

“Scandal” Season 6 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.