“Scandal” Season 6 won’t end without Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) getting an exciting storyline.

In the previous episode, Huck was almost killed by the woman he dated briefly. Quinn, his former lover, was one of the first people who came to his rescue. Huck was ultimately saved, but he was first rushed to the hospital because of his injuries. While he was fighting for dear life, Quinn spoke to Huck and urged him to wake up. Quinn also told her partner that she cannot survive without him. A few minutes later, Huck opened his eyes, and Quinn stayed beside him the whole time. However, Quinn wasn’t aware that her fiancé, Charlie (George Newbern), saw how concerned she was over Huck.

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While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Lowes said that Quinn’s true feelings will be revealed in the upcoming episodes. “You will see a lot of Quinn’s personal life coming down the pipe, and where her loyalty and love lies,” she said.

In “Scandal” Season 6, episode 13, Quinn also told Charlie that she cannot live without him. She reminded him of the pact that they made together and said that they are meant to be together for the rest of their lives. Charlie was convinced that Quinn was telling him the truth at the time, but a lot of things can still happen before the two finally walk down the aisle.

When asked whether or not Quinn and Charlie’s wedding will be part of Season 6, Lowes said that she couldn’t really say. Unlike her, however, Diaz has a clear idea about which pairing he is rooting for. When asked who should end up together, Diaz said that he wants Huck and Quinn to tie the knot.

“I love seeing Huck and Quinn together. I think they truly know each other. I don’t think anyone else in this ‘Scandal’ world understands them like they understand each other, and their chemistry together, physically, is intense and hot, so I would love to see Huck and Quinn together,” he said.

Meanwhile, if Huck and Quinn won’t make things official in Season 6, there’s still hope for the two characters to reunite romantically in Season 7. ABC already renewed the Kerry Washington-starrer for at least another season. Olivia Pope (Washington) and Fitzgerald Grant (Tony Goldwyn) also just reunited recently. Both characters, whose love story is at the core of the TV series, had to wait for several episodes before they got back together. The same thing may also be done with Huck and Quinn.

In other news, the final three episodes of “Scandal” Season 6 will be released Thursday nights on May 11, 18 and 25. In “Scandal” Season 6, episode 14, titled “Head Games,” Olivia Pope and Associates (OPA) will question what’s next for their team. After all, they have been working for the White House and under Fitz’s office. The president of the United States will soon leave the Oval Office, and he will be succeeded by his estranged wife, Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young). As of late, it is still unclear whether or not Mellie will continue to need the services of Olivia and her team.