Do PR campaigns ever work on Twitter? Scientology isn't having much luck with its latest promoted tweet that asks, "What IS Scientology?" Shown: The Scientology Center in Los Angeles. Reuters

When your brand faces PR problems or wants to promote something even the slightest bit controversial, Twitter might not be the best place to go. People on Twitter heaped abuse on SeaWorld after its ill-conceived "Ask SeaWorld" started trending on Twitter, and Starbucks' controversial "Race Together" campaign, which invited baristas to initiate conversations about race relations with their customers, instead prompted the Twitterati to initiate jokes and scathing critiques.

Scientology is learning the same lesson with its promoted tweet that asks, "What IS Scientology? Find out for yourself," which links to a brief promotional video on the Scientology website. The tweet coincides with the premiere of "Going Clear," Alex Gibney's documentary that debuted on HBO on Sunday featuring interviews with former Scientologists that paint a scathing critique of the church they all call a dangerous cult.

But haters gonna hate-Tweet:

But there was at least one helpful suggestion: