Will Walter (Elyes Gabel) and Paige (Katherine McPhee) finally talk about their feelings for each other in “Scorpion” Season 3, episode 22? CBS

“Scorpion” Season 3, episode 22 will see Walter (Elyes Gabel) finally recalling the sweet moment he shared with Paige (Katharine McPhee) in Season 2.

In the sneak peek released by CBS for “Strife of Mars,” Team Scorpion will be divided into two groups. Happy (Jadyn Wong), Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas) and Walter will be trapped inside a failing and dangerous biodome, while Sylvester (Ari Stidham), Paige and Cabe (Robert Patrick) will be helping them get out. While inside the biodome, Happy warns Walter and Toby that it could explode. When it finally did, Walter is shaken up and a flash of his sweet moment with Paige comes rushing in. Walter asks Happy to tell him what exactly happened to him that night.

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Paige previously told Walter that she loves him, but the latter didn’t hear it. While speaking with TV Insider last year, executive producers Nicholas Wootton and Nick Santora said that Paige will keep this a secret from Walter for as long as she could. “She cares for Walter and doesn’t want to embarrass him and make things awkward. She knows how important Scorpion is. She doesn’t want to do anything that could mess up the team’s dynamic. She’s probably going to sit on that chestnut for a while,” Santora said.

And that time will finally come in episode 22. By the looks of it, Happy may try to encourage Walter to ask Paige directly and not her. Wootton also told the publication at that time, that there’s a massive storyline for Paige and Walter towards the end of the season, and this could finally be it. “We have a big fun reveal way, way late in the season for those two. It’s going to a season-long exploration,” he said.

“Scorpion” Season 3 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.