“Scorpion” Season 4, episode 20 will see the members of Team Scorpion participating in a game of softball.

In “Foul Balls,” Walter (Elyes Gabel), Sylvester (Ari Stidham), Toby (Eddie Kaye Thomas), and Happy (Jadyn Wong) will put their high IQs into good use after the Homeland Security director challenges them to the game.

Team Scorpion will learn that its government contracts are on the line if they do not win.

Elsewhere in the episode, Walter’s secret night out with Florence (Tina Majorino) will put Toby and Happy on edge.

In the teaser released by CBS for episode 20, all of the members of Team Scorpion are practicing for their upcoming match. It is obvious that everyone is stressed out because they do not have any idea how to play softball.

Sylvester hilariously waits for the ball for a few seconds, but fails to catch it. Toby falls on his butt while running after the ball. But just like in true “Scorpion” fashion, it is guaranteed that the group will win the match. If not, it is guaranteed that they will get to keep their contracts.

“Scorpion” has a few more episodes left before Season 4 wraps up, but already the series has been renewed by the network for Season 5. As of late, it is still unclear how many installments it will have, but Season 4 has a total of 22 episodes.

The series also stars Robert Patrick as Agent Cabe Gallo, Riley B. Smith as Ralph Dineen, Scott Porter as Tim Armstrong, and more.

In related news, the cast of “Scorpion” previously discussed the future of Walter and Paige’s relationship. The two characters have had an on-again-off-again type of bond. After confessing his true feelings for Paige, the two got together, but only for a short while.

Gabel told Entertainment Weekly at that time, “It feels like the circle is finally a circle, in a way. Not to become totally spiritual about it, but it feels like this was the place that we wanted to go. It’s the conclusion of one part of the story, and it definitely opens up the opportunity for another story to be born as well.”