Kendall Jenner
Scott Disick reportedly proposed to Kardashian sister Kendall Jenner, but she said no. Star Magazine

“Keeping Up with the Kardashians” stars Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner have battled rumors the duo were romantically involved, even though Disick has three children with Jenner’s older sister Kourtney Kardashian. After there was a report Jenner was pregnant with Disick’s baby, Star magazine claimed the club promoter proposed marriage to the 19-year-old model.

After an alcohol-fueled night, the magazine said, Disick suggested they tie the knot. “He got tipsy and proposed to Kendall,” a source told Star magazine. “He didn’t get down on one knee or produce a ring, but he said, ‘We should get married.'”

But Jenner wasn’t interested in stealing her half-sister’s longtime boyfriend-- Kardashian and Disick have dated for 8 years.

“She actually told him to stop and said they had to end ‘whatever this is,'” the insider said. “She begged him to go home to Kourtney and make things work, because she didn’t know how they could carry on without destroying the family.”

Kardashian, 35, is reportedly in the dark about the (alleged) torrid affair. “Kourtney can never know he asked her own sister to marry him. It would absolutely destroy her,” the source said. “There’s only so much she can take.”

The mother-of-three has not addressed the issues on social media, but Disick, Jenner and half-sister Khloe Kardashian thought the rumor was funny. Khloe, 30, even said she was jealous that Disick and Jenner had something going, because she thought she was the favorite sister.

Jenner has been busy modeling during Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. Disick is also abroad during appearances in London, Star magazine wrote.

It seems unlikely that Disick would propose to Jenner, especially since he’s still in a relationship with her sister. Her rep denied the rumor that she was pregnant.

In her last Instagram post, Jenner shared a picture of Tyga, Khloe and sister Kylie Jenner. “Miss the fam,” she captioned the image. She also posted a picture of friend and fellow runway model Cara Delevingne. “I knew we were sisters,” she wrote about the side-by-side photo.

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